Sazae-san's Norisuke voice Taro Arakawa passed away

It is a Sunday evening in Japan. if you live in Japan, did you watch Sazae-san at 18:30 on TV? Every 18:30 on Sunday is the time for the Sazae-san animation since its launch 1969.

There even a syndrome called Sazae-san syndrome in Japan where some people get depressed by watching Sazae-san and remembering the weekend is over and the fact of having to go back to work next day. 
Well, I have this syndrome sometimes.


Today there was a news which made us even sadder: Taro Arakawa who played Norisuke a cousin of Sazae-san from 1998-2000 passed away on 15 Nov, 2012. 

R.I.P. Taro

The new voice of Norisuke is a person who is familiar with us pretty much, i.e. Yasunori Matsumoto who played Wataru Akiyama in Initial D, Jean Havoc in Fullmetal Alchemist etc.


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