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Finally EMS available for the US again with super inflated price. 

Due to post corona situation, the shipment may longer than 2 weeks to arrive the US. No alcohol shipment possible to the US. No battery shipment possible for Germany.


Due to the inflation, the shipment cost is increasing rapidly. Please be aware of the shipment cost increase which we can not track well any more in the price list on this page.

- As of April, 2023 the Japanese government says "it is up to you if you wear mask or not in Japan". So you do not need to wear but if you come to Japan, you see almost 99% of people wearing masks. If you want to blend in, Onegai Kaeru recommend you to wear or at least bring masks in Japan. 


- As of June, 2024, we see maybe around 10% of people wearing masks in Japan (was almost 60-70%, almost 90-100% on train in the autumn and winter season due to possible flu pandemic, 30-40% in spring due to hay fever).


- Offline events potentially being cancelled even in 2024. Due to the coronavirus problem, not many but some events being cancelled and venues being closed down in Japan. 

Japan Market Entry Support

We take care of localization of your service to enter Japan market. We help many foreign companies enter Japan market.


We build your product/corporate website in Japanese, localize your products/services and will be in charge of customer service.


We support you to attend an exhibition (e.g. Tokyo Motor show, Tokyo Game show, cooking/food expos) and organize events in Japan. We design and setup the exhibition booths and prepare the necessary equipment.


If interested, we also have a Shanghai office to support all over China market entry.  You can exhibit at any kind of expo major or minor all over in China.


We quote case by case.

Japan Travel Support

Love our travel information portal? Thousands of visitor every day. You will find a lot of useful information when you travel to Japan and others.

We provide more than information for example, a driver's licence issue to rent a car in Japan, pocket WIFI rental and the great tour information in Japan.


Do you want to promote your venue for Japanese tourists? We can help that too.

TV/media Internet media support

Do you want to TV/youtube channel shooting, music video, photo shooting on Japanese culture, current news for fashion in Japan?


We worked with major TV broadcasters around the world and online media to carry out their task in Japan. We make planning, arrangement with the venues, also hire local professional crew (videographer, photographer, editor, makeup artist, stylist, model etc. ) for the project.


We propose interesting topics for your next TV shows, arrange the meetings/interviews and gain shooting permissions.

M&A / Business Development for Japan, China market etc.

Do you want to enter Japan market?

Do you want to enter China market?


Talk to us. We support M&A and business development around the world.


We work on the performance base! Free consultation. When you have a great service, product, let us work together. We bring your product, service to Japan, China etc.


Are you interested in buying a company or hotel in Japan? Are you interested in buying a hotel or restaurant chain in South East Asia e.g. Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia? 

Japanese speaking contact center

Are you entering Japanese market or having already Japanese clients?


You need a contact center which can communicate in Japanese. Hiring native Japanese speaker is a must if you want to keep your service level good. You know how damaging to one company brand and reputation when you talk to their contact center and the agent speaks to you a broken language of yours. You will be extremely stressed because you simply do not understand what the agent saying! 


You can talk to us for such a service. We can probably offer one of the best prices! 

Shopping service

We provide a boutique service for people overseas to find and buy a product in Japan. One of the highly trusted shopping services in the world.

For example, you need a convenience store payment in Japan, we can help you.

Japan Fan Club Proxy Service

Many musicians/artists in Japan have fanclub to offer. Sometimes if you are outside Japan, you can not join so we can help you with our proxy service and forwarding service. 


Want to be a member of fan club in Japan while you are in overseas? We can help that and we are very experienced for over 10 years.

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