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What we offer? All rights reserved by onegai kaeru
What we offer? All rights reserved by onegai kaeru

Bridging the world and Japan

Japan Market Entry Support

We take care of localization of your service to enter Japan market. We help many foreign companies enter Japan market. We make your Japanese website, localize your product and will be in charge of customer service.


If interested, we also have a Shanghai office to support a China market entry. 

Japan Travel Support

Love our travel information portal? Thousands of visitor every day. You will find a lot of useful information when you travel to Japan and others.

We provide more than information for example, a driver's licence issue to rent a car in Japan, pocket WIFI rental and the great tour information in Japan.


Do you want to promote your venue for Japanese tourists? We can help that too.

M&A / Development

We support M&A and development around the world.


Are you interested in buying a company or hotel in Japan? Are you interested in buying a hotel or restaurant chain in South East Asia e.g. Vietnam? 

Shopping service

We provide a boutique service for people overseas to find and buy a product in Japan. One of the highly trusted shopping services in the world.

Japan Fan Club Proxy Service

Hotel Tester

Are you a hotel owner/sales manager and you wish more Japanese and Chinese tourists stay at your property? We can test your hotel and give the super useful suggestions. 


As experienced travelers staying at various type of hotels in the world, we have the world class and strictest eyes for the quality of hotels. Are you ready to take our challenge?


And if interested, we can help you promote your property for Japanese and Chinese tourist. 

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Onegai Kaeru wants you to enjoy Japan trip.


If you are looking for more traveler"s info and can not find one, please let us know. We will try to help you with Japan Traveler Help Service (we work on hourly charge to arrange, book, find info you need). Feel free to contact us!


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Onegai Kaeru, a group of passionate travelers, bring happiness to the world with its shopping support service and original super cute items!


Disclaimer: Even though we try to make the info as updated and accurate but the accuracy of the information herein is not guaranteed by us. If you have any uncertainty, please contact the information source.