rent a chat friend service in Japan

you can casually chat in english, or english and other languages

Renting a friend from F-R-I-E-N to walk around KyotoSource: onegai kaeru
Renting a friend from F-R-I-E-N to walk around KyotoSource: onegai kaeru

Everyday we receive request for a tour guiding in Japan. But we see so many great tour companies in Japan for you. 


We would like to offer something totally different.


It is called "F-R-I-E-N".


We just lend you a friend for Japan trip.


You have ever heard of rental family in Japan? You can rent a family here.


Our service is to offer only English or multilingual friend in Japan to rent for two hours or so.


We have a strong network of the registered F-R-I-E-N who speak foreign languages ( English, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Arabic, Thai, Bengal, French etc.) around Japan. 


Introducing F-R-I-E-N: Rent a Friend Service in Japan and Worldwide


Have you ever wished for a friendly chat or someone to bounce new ideas off of, without the pressure of a formal relationship? Welcome to F-R-I-E-N, where you can rent a friend in Japan and around the world, connecting with registered individuals who speak fluent English and are ready to engage in meaningful conversations and activities.


The price is 30USD for 2 hours (10USD for another one hour).


The concept of F-R-I-E-N emerged from a fascinating cultural backdrop, where social interactions and appearances play pivotal roles. In Japan, and across Asia, the idea of renting companionship or support is not entirely new. 


Imagine attending a wedding or meeting the family of your partner in Japan. While the interactions might have been enjoyable, questions may arise about the authenticity of those relationships. In Japan and Asia, hiring individuals for personal roles, like professional mourners or even stand-in family members, has historical roots dating back to ancient civilizations.


The reasons behind renting friends or family are varied. Some travelers just want to experience a "true" Japan experience simply going out with a friend. Maybe having some tea, walking through the city..

Or, even consider a wedding scenario where familial tensions prevent loved ones from attending. Instead, individuals might opt for stand-ins to avoid social discomfort or uphold appearances. Similar scenarios unfold at funerals, where participants hire individuals to maintain traditional customs.


Interestingly, F-R-I-E-N extends beyond a conventional service. Our service only focus on true Japan experience, fun and English (foreign language) speaking.


Some clients of other human rental use our service to spark jealousy or navigate professional challenges. For instance, a customer might hire a companion to make their partner jealous or send someone to quit a job on their behalf. This niche industry serves diverse needs, offering innovative solutions to everyday social dilemmas. If you need these "professional" services, talk to other human rental companies. F-R-I-E-N is not the expert of these tasks!


At F-R-I-E-N, we recognize the complexity of modern relationships and societal expectations. Whether you seek a casual conversation, support during significant events, or assistance in unique situations, our service provides a bridge to authentic connections.

Source: onegai kaeru
Talk to us! Source: onegai kaeru

mayke your japan trip so special

want to rent a friend in Japan?

Do you want to have a friend in Japan for your trip?



Are you planning a visit to Japan and looking for a friendly companion to explore the local culture and experiences? Look no further! Our friend rental service offers a unique opportunity to connect with enthusiastic and knowledgeable locals who can enhance your trip with authentic Japanese insights and companionship.


Whether you're craving a casual chat over coffee, visiting a local restaurant, visiting museums in Ueno park? a leisurely stroll along the picturesque riverbanks, or an exciting shopping adventure in the vibrant Harajuku district, our friendly guides are here to make your experience unforgettable. Imagine discovering hidden gems in Tokyo's bustling neighborhoods or eating heaps of delicious ramen across Hakata's renowned eateries (Ramen shop hopping), all while sharing stories and making new and real Japan local memories.


Here's what you can expect from our friend rental service:


1. Personalized Experiences: Tailor your outing based on your interests and preferences. Whether you're a foodie, culture enthusiast, or nature lover, our friends will curate the perfect itinerary just for you.


2. Local Insights: Gain insider knowledge about Japan's customs, traditions, and contemporary trends from our friendly guides. They'll gladly share recommendations for authentic eateries, trendy spots, and cultural landmarks.


3. Genuine Connections: Forge meaningful connections with locals who are passionate about showcasing the best of Japan. Our friends are eager to exchange stories, practice language skills, and make lasting friendships.


4. Flexible Options: Choose from a variety of activities, from laid-back hangouts to immersive cultural experiences. Our rental service is designed to accommodate your schedule and interests.


5. Terms and Conditions subject to the terms including with no limitation to:

   - Fee: The rental fee must be prepaid in full prior to the scheduled outing.

   - Costs: If dining out or participating in activities that incur expenses, such as entrance fees or transportation, the customer is responsible for covering these costs.

   - Travel Expenses: Any travel costs (e.g., transportation fees) incurred during the outing must be paid in full in cash by the customer.

   - Code of Conduct: Inappropriate conduct or behavior as the social moral and we decide will not be tolerated. If any misconduct occurs, it will be reported to the appropriate authorities, including the police.


Ready to embark on a memorable Japanese escapade? Contact us today to book your personalized friend rental experience. Let's create unforgettable moments together in the Land of the Rising Sun!


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Japan media support

Do you want to TV shooting, music video, photo/movie/drama shooting in Japan? Need a shooting permit? Want to interview someone on this topic?


We worked with major TV broadcasters around the world and online media to carry out their task in Japan. We make planning, arrangement with the venues, also hire local professional crew (videographer, photographer, editor, makeup artist, stylist, model, interpreter etc. ) for the project.


Just contact us.

what to reigster as a f-r-i-e-n ?

Join us at F-R-I-E-N from the below form and explore a world where friendship is just a click away, offering companionship on your terms.


To register with F-R-I-E-N, you pay 200USD per year to the F-R-I-E-N membership with your information (simple introduction, why people should hire you etc.), photo, proper ID etc.

With this, after screening, we will put your info for the database for customers to choose. The customer pays the fee  20USD in cash for two hours directly to you or to us prepaid so that you make sure you will get paid.


Please note that there is absolutely no guarantee that a customer chooses you.


Please apply to register with us. Due to the high volume of application, we can only answer to those applications we want to proceed after the careful consideration! 

If you are located outside Japan or even if located in Japan, if without proper visa, we can NOT apply.


Please provide as much info as possible about who you are, how old, what your hobby. 

 We need more F-R-I-E-N. 


Are you having some spare time in Japan?


You do not need to be an expert of anything but people. We have so many requests to register with us so we need to carry out interviews and also proper IDs etc.


Important you are a people person (everyone thinks they are people persons though). And if you have unique offers for example, you are a ramen expert, you are an IT engineer, lawyers, that will be also cool. If you are outdoor sports expert like biking, hiking, mountain climbing, you can also tell us about it! 

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