How to use our service

☆ STEP 1:  Request


Register for free and place your shopping request via our request form. We will supply you with a customer ID and answer possible questions.

☆ STEP 2:   Shop or bid


Let us know what we shall shop for you (if you haven't yet). We will send you an invoice via PayPal asap for the products, possible shipping cost within Japan and our service fee.

After payment we will order immediately on your behalf!

☆ STEP 3:   Arrival of your parcels


As soon as your parcel arrives, we will check it and send you the last invoice for handling and shipping fee to overseas. (The shipping cost will be determined by weight and a price chart can be found here.)

NOTE: No Cash On Delivery accepted (penalty fee applies). We will NOT open your shipments. Please make sure you don't order any of the restricted articles 


☆ STEP 4:   Payment


Make a payment for the international shipping cost based on our invoice via PayPal within 1 week.


Should you not have an account yet, you can make it here for free: 

☆ STEP 5:   Shipping


After we received your payment the delivery will be released immediately and shipped acc. to your request.

Of course we will send you a notification via mail with the data (e.g. Tracking number). 


Enjoy your Japanese products ♪