Our Fees and Service

Shopping Service

Do you feel insecure to buy something online from a page which language you don't understand? Need help to bid for Yahoo Auction in Japan?

Or do you search for something special you have seen somewhere, but can't remember?


Of course we can let our frogs do the online shoppings on your behalf or search for a special item.

Our fees for online shopping service are:

Kaeru Online Shopping Service
Value of product All incl. fee per one item
up to 10,000 JPY 5,000 JPY or more

10,001-20,000 JPY

7,000 JPY or more
20,001-50,000 JPY 9,000 JPY or more
50,001-100,000 JPY 11,000 JPY or more

* The above is just an indicative price. Please note that Service fee shall increase depending on the difficulty/complexity of the case. Please note that some online shops may charge an additional shipping fee for the shipping within Japan. Paypal fee shall be added. Thank you!

For further special requests (e.g. such as shopping offline for you) just contact us and we try to fulfill your wishes!

Yahoo! Auction

Due to the higher work load and small time frame when dealing with auctions in which we have to bid and keep an eye on the development, we charge an additional fee on top of the shopping service fee as seen below:

Kaeru Yahoo Auction Service
Type Service Fee


Shopping Service + 1000 JPY


(Auction expires in less than 7 hours)

Shopping Service + 2000 JPY

Ticket Shopping Service (e.g. concert in Japan)

If we order event/concert tickets for you, our fee will be following:

Ticket purchase/-reservation in Japan
 Price per concert / event

 from 40 USD as non-refundable basis fee


refundable successful fee (quotable)  per ticket                       

Note: All payment needs to be prepaid.

For some difficult cases additional basis fee and higher successful fee might apply.

For unsuccessful lottery style ticket purchases, we will only refund the refundable part the service fee.

Thank you for your understanding.

News regarding electronic equipment:

Kaeru Parcels CAN deal with and ship BATTERIES to countries including Germany.

Special fee/conditions/procedure applies depending on country and type of battery (Note: certain type of battery cannot be shipped).

For details, feel free to contact us! (DEC 2014)

Consolidation Service

If you want to save shipping costs and order several products from different shops, we could also collect your deliveries and send them all together. The repacking fee is based on one box by one box. E.g. If repacking 3 boxes, the fee x 3 times.


Warehousing Service

Due to the limit of the warehouse space, and our effort to keep the service fee as low as possible and minimize the risk of lost item, we ask our customer to process the transaction as fast as possible. If we need to keep your items at our warehouse longer than two weeks (14 days), the warehousing service fee shall apply. The warehousing service fee varies depending on the size of the item starting from 10USD per day.


Please contact us for details!



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