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some example you can produce with us

Do you want to produce original Kimono?  Source: salz tokyo
Do you want to produce original Kimono? Source: salz tokyo
This type of tradition art is possible to make with us. Do you want to produce original Kimono?  Source: salz tokyo
Hand painted Kimono. This type of tradition art is possible to make with us. Do you want to produce original Kimono? The picture is one example. Source: salz tokyo

One stop shop to produce Kimono for you

Are you dreaming of making your own design Kimono or print T-shirts?


Till today we have designed and produced many kimono and items.


We thought "why not helping others produce their kimono and so?". 


We design/produce Furisode, Homongi, Tomesode, Obi, Hakama, Yukata etc. of silk/cotton/polyester with professional designers, traditional Kimono factories, Zori sandals and T-shirts manufacturer in Japan and around the world.


Our Kimono artists and manufacturers even serve famous kimono brands in Kyoto. 


Traditionally the production is separated by different craft people. We make it super simple that we organize all of the steps in the production thus you only need to talk to us.


We have the capability and expertise to be the one stop shop service provider for original kimono and t-shirts.

must have original kimono and zori

just only one existing in this whole world

Why do you want to create your original kimono?


Most important reason is that you own the kimono which has no other copy. Amazing gift for those you really care. Kimono can be worn as robe so you do not need to know how to wear in a traditional way.


1. Tailored Fit: Unlike standard off-the-rack kimonos that may not fit perfectly, our service offers a tailored fit. We can accommodate all body shapes and sizes, including larger sizes that are often difficult to find in traditional kimono stores.


2. Personalized Design Consultation: With our service, you get the opportunity to consult with our design team to create a kimono that reflects your unique style and preferences. Whether you have a specific motif in mind or need guidance on design elements, we are here to assist you every step of the way.


3. Digital Printing Technology: We utilize high-quality digital printing on premium poly textile fabrics. This allows for vibrant and detailed designs that are durable and easy to care for, as they can be washed at home without compromising color or quality.


4. Customizable Options: From kimono robes to haori jackets, our service offers a range of customizable options. You can choose the type of kimono you want, along with details such as sleeve length, collar style, and fabric texture.


5. Collaboration with Japanese Artisans: We collaborate with skilled Japanese kimono artisans who have years of experience in traditional craftsmanship. Your kimono will be meticulously sewn and finished by experts who uphold the highest standards of quality.


6. Exclusive Ownership: By creating a custom kimono with us, you will own a truly unique piece of wearable art. No one else will have the exact same design, making your kimono a one-of-a-kind treasure.


7. Custom Zori Sandals: In addition to kimonos, we offer custom-made zori sandals to complete your ensemble. Our zori can be tailored to your design preferences and are available in larger sizes, ensuring a perfect match with your custom kimono.


8. Cultural Appreciation: Designing your own kimono is a wonderful way to appreciate and celebrate Japanese culture. Each kimono is crafted with respect for tradition, showcasing the beauty and elegance of Japanese textiles and motifs.


9. Global Accessibility: Whether you are in Japan or anywhere else in the world, our service is accessible to everyone. We ship internationally, allowing you to experience the artistry of Japanese kimono fashion no matter where you are located.


10. Unmatched Exclusivity: By choosing our custom kimono service, you will own a garment that is truly exclusive. Embrace the pride of owning a custom kimono and zori set that embodies your style, personality, and appreciation for Japanese craftsmanship.


Designing your own kimono is a memorable experience that combines creativity, cultural heritage, and individual expression. With our dedicated service, you will enjoy unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail, resulting in a custom kimono ensemble that is as unique as you are.

how long to produce your own design original kimono?

Do you want to produce original Kimono?  Source: salz tokyo
Do you want to produce original Kimono? Source: salz tokyo

The production may be around 3-4 months excl. shipping time for Kimono, obi, hakama etc. Usually design part takes time.


For T-shirts, it depends on the season. Sometimes it is less than one month.


The production starts after all the cost paid.

how much to produce your own Kimono?

We cover digital print as well as the famous artists in the embroidery to Yuzen hand painting. The production cost varies from 1200USD - 5000USD +  per dress excl. relevant shipping cost.


For T-shirts, we print in Japan. The production cost shall be around 40USD full color print or less per shirts (starting from 1). If one color silk screen, it is cheaper.


If you want to produce your original kimono, you can talk to us. We can produce a great quality kimono with your design.


Interested? Feel free to contact us for consultation and quotation. 

To keep the tradition alive

We are doing this to keep the Kimono tradition and craftsmanship alive.


In this world, there are things we can not stop or change. Some say Kimono industry is about to die out. But we, however, see a lot of new hopes for this industry. 


With your fresh and new idea, we believe the Kimono industry has a new movement to grow even more. 


Let us make it happen!


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Mikaeri bijin Source: Wikipedia
Mikaeri bijin Source: Wikipedia