Frequent asked questions

☆ How do I pay for this service?

You need to have a PayPal account. A very secure and simple way to pay over the internet. For more info please check their website:


☆ How do you ship my parcels?

We ship via EMS (Express Mail Service) by airplane. No, we can't beam the stuff over to you yet.


☆ Do you open my packages?

No! But if you ordered something dangerous or ask us to consolidate, we may open it! For detailed information please refer to our terms & conditions.


☆ Can you combine several orders?

In case you can't stop shopping and order from different shops, we can pack all your purchases together in one box to save you shipping costs.

Of course we need to charge you something extra depending on your request. Just contact us!


☆ Can I decide the arrival date of my parcels?

Nope. We unfortunately can't assure an exact arrival date in the international shipping process. Should you not be at home when the parcel arrives, you will get a notice and usually can pick it up yourself or have it re-delivered. Please contact your local post for details.


☆ I want to know where my parcel is.

If you choose EMS for your shipping, we will hand out a tracking number to you. To look up the status, insert the number here: Japan Post Tracking


☆ Can you also ship to an address other than mine?

If you give us the receivers (for example a friends) name and address, we can also do that.


☆ How long do you store my parcels?

After arrival of your parcel, we offer you a free storage for up to 50 days. Our frogs still need some space for living, so we would appreciate your kind understanding in terms of the storage time.


☆ Do you gift-wrap my package?

Sorry, we don't offer this service. You know, frogs can't handle it.

Still not sure?

Just contact us through the form (the bottom one) and we will do our best to answer all your questions!