Kimono Cleaning/Laundry Service

Great Kimono needs great care  Source: Wikipedia
Great Kimono needs great care Source: Wikipedia

If you have high quality Kimono and vintage Kimono (esp. made of silk ("正絹 (Shou-ken)") ), definitely you should go to a professional for cleaning.


Onegai Kaeru owns the professional Kimono cleaning shop in Japan which deals with old Kimono ( Furisode, Tomesode, Obi, Juban etc.). Kimono collectors around the world usually send their Kimono to our shop for professional cleaning.  The laundry shop has been in business for more than 30 years old, much older than Onegai Kaeru in fact.


The cost varies depending on the type of Kimono and the extent of dirty area usually starting from 100-300USD per piece excl. international shipping cost.


For details of Kimono cleaning service, please contact us.

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