Market Entry Support

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We make Japan Entry Simple

Interested in entering Japan market with your new idea?

We definitely help you.

What we offer?

In our basic package, we will localize your business for Japan market with these offers.


We will make and set up your landing page in Japanese.

In this we find and put the key information which may attract customers in Japan. This involves competition analysis in the market. Let us first see if your product can potentially "win" in Japan.


We will offer customer service for potential inbound call/mail.

You have a great landing page, what if any Japanese customer contacts you? Do not worry, we will take care of it. We will escalate to you once it gets too hot! This way, you can focus the contacts which really matter to your business.


We will recruit your local team when needed.

When you see your business grow, we can help you form a local team. 


You can do a lot more with us. If you have an online product/service to offer which is still not in Japanese, what will happen? Check below.

Product localization for Japan market

We will localize your product. We make quote case by case. We made several online products from Europe into Japanese. We localized quite complicating online systems for Japan market. We also advise you on UX/UI from Japanese perspective so that the Japanese customers shall be happy to use.

Let us enter Japan market together!
Let us enter Japan market together!

Other options for new market entry

For other options in Japan market entry service, we also have other services.


If you would like to take step further to entre a new market, we support you with:


1. Online/Offline Marketing service

If planning to enter Japan, China and German market, we can run online marketing by setting up your brand/product SNS accounts in the local language and promote them to strengthen your brand in the market.


We have a strong network of online influencers (Instagramer, SNS writer, blogger, singers etc.) in Japan and several other countries. These influeners can also support you with promotion. (Note: each influencer has their own policy (favorite product category, industry etc.).)


For the offline events, exhibition and, design and production of promotion materials and merchandise item, we provide through our advertisement agency.


2. Market research

With Japanese and German staff we carried out market research/analysis projects for major clients on unlisted German corporations. 

We have a great deal of experience and are very competitive in Asia esp. in China to carry out market research such as focus group and outbound tele sale in China and other Asian countries.


3. Advertising

Experienced and competitive in Asia with a local advertising agency and a word of mouth marketing agency with major European/American/Japanese corporate clients in China


4. Legal consulting and finance consulting

Experienced and competitive with company incorporation and IP rights application/protection e.g. Patent, Utility model and Trade mark registrations in Japan, China, Europe, Central America


5. Business consulting


Experienced and competitive in Asia, Europe, Central America. You can think us as a mini sale team in Japan, China and Germany.


Our Kaeru team is consist of the experts in each field and utilities our global networks esp. lawyer, patent lawyer, tax accountant, IT experts.


Legal entity in Japan? Not always good choice

Many clients ask us how to set up their legal entity in Japan. Well, we tell you the truth. There are some occasions where a setting up a Japan entity (legal entity/office) is not great. Industry in Japan is so protective that once you set up your legal entity, you will need to follow many rules which raise costs and also make you slow to do anything in Japan.


This is why many clients only work with us remotely and offer what Japanese customers really appreciate. 


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