Japan Online shop list

List of major online shops we deal with and specialised shops in animation and movie figures, toys, kimono, fashion, custom car parts etc.


- If you want to buy things from Japan, this list shall be a very useful.

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1. Major shopping sites

The favourite shopping platform for our customers is Amazon Japan where you can technically can get everything from books, electronics, toys, cosmetics and clothing. Often you can get free shipping with Amazon and a speedy delivery within Japan.

If you are not familiar with Japanese you can also switch the site into English language.

Rakuten Japan

This shopping site has - similar to Amazon - almost everything on offer you can wish for.

Sometimes Rakuten has better deals then Amazon, but make sure to compare the price including shipping.

Of course we are also happy to compare prices for you!

Yahoo Auction Japan

Japans most beloved auction house is Yahoo Auction - here we bid for our customers and very often you can also purchase without bidding, via the 'buy now' button.

Especially worth a look, if you are looking for rare collectors items like anime figures, special CDs/DVDs, merchandise or concert tickets which sold already through regular channels in Japan.

If you look for great Kimono, this shop is probably the best option.
If you look for great Kimono, this shop is probably the best option.
Unique design kimono
Unique design kimono
High quality kimono
High quality kimono

Salz Kimono shop

Looking for something quite Japanese and Japanese gifts?

For authentic Japanese vintage Kimono and Yukata, you may want to check this page! The shop has variety of Japanese traditional dresses and ships fast and internationally - which is very important. This is the link to Salz Kimono official shop. This shop can also custom-make kimono and zori sandals!


Salz Tokyo has also Etsy shop as well as its official shop.


C2C app based flea market in Japan. Established in 2013 now available in Japan, US and UK. Buy anything and sell anything on it!

2. Animation and movie related shops



Do you wanted to go to Comiket in Japan to buy Dojinshi, animation related items? Too far or not good timing, try Otamart. 

Of course, if you need help, we help you buy with our shopping service.


For Cosplay fan, we have the special section for Cosplay shops in Japan. Just click here!

animate online shop
Animate Online shop

Animate Online Shop

Almost everyone knows Animate is the place for anime fans in Japan. Animate (real shop) runs anime concept cafe/restaurant e.g. Uta no Prince sama cafe, Yugio cafe as well. Worth visiting when you are in Japan. These theme cafes offer you special items to get.


You can usually book the place and buy tickets for anime related events at Animate shop.


bandai premium
Bandai Premium Online shop

Bandai Premium Shop

Boasting well known for so many of animation/game character toys like One Piece, Sailor Moon, Drangon ball Z, Ghibli movies, Monster HunterGundam etc.


Its product line is so wide that you can even get the Monkey D. Luffy's hat(made in Japan) from One Piece, Bleach T-shirt and

Super Dimension Fortress Macross tie!

Strong connection With Max Factory having the joint booth at Wonder Festival


Surugaya webshop

The shop deals with various anime related items, such as toys, CDs, second hand books, action figure! Click the logo to go to the official website.

official evangelion online store
Evangelion official Online shop


This is the place for Evangelion fans. On this online shop you will find very special items of Evangelion. Recently, the shop sold Special Tote bag of SunbrellaEvangelion fficial short glasses, even the Underwears of Asuka Langley which sold out immediately.


gift japanese animation figure and goods shop
Gift Online shop

Gift Online Shop 

Company specialised in manufacturing and selling not only figure but also plushie of Danganronpa, Hatsune Miku, K-On!!, Hakuoki, Touhou Project etc.


Good smile company online shop
Good Smile Company Online shop

Good Smile Company online shop

One of the most famous figure/toy companies in Japan, also its product line Nendoroid well known. The products include Attack on Titan,



kaiyodo online shop
Kaiyo Do Online shop

Kaiyo Do

Famous for the real animal figures as well as game/animation figure like Metal Gear, Yotsuba & Danboard, Evangelion

Fist of the North Star, Batman, several Pixar filme characters  etc. Also manufacturing and selling a reasonably priced action figure REVOLTECH series


max factory online shop
Max Factory Online shop


Closely working with Good Simle Company. Its figma series is very popular all over the world, the products include Hatsune Miku, Hunter x HunterPuella Magi Madoka MagicaBLACK☆ROCK SHOOTEROreimo, Mask Rider series, Code Geass, Haruhi Suzumiya etc.


medi com toy shop
Medi Com Toy Online shop

Medicom Toy

Since 1996 this company has made and sold action figures of animation and movie characters Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Madoka Magica, Dragon Ball Z, Lupin the III, Mask Rider series, Ultraman, Captain Harlock

METAL GEAR SOLID etc. team Kaeru also saw many Johnny Depp figures


Megahouse online shop
Mega House Online shop

Mega House

Known for its high quality figure "Excellent Model" series Metatre online shop for its limited edition toys, products include High Priestess, One Piece, Saint Seiya, Persona Game series, Precure, Naruto etc.


m1go kaiju monster toy shop
M1go Online shop


Well known for its soft Vinyl monster toys.  If you are fan of Godzilla, Ultraman, better check this shop out.

Different from other companies above. Specialized in old fashioned monster "Kaiju in Japanese" toys. Some examples are here.


Also sells the interesting items like drawings of the famous staff Akira Sasaki who made the monster costumes in Ultraman, Ultra Q, and Bracelet designed by Kohji Moritsugu and Yuriko Hishimi who starred in Ultra Seven series etc.


3. Sports items

Nike Japan online shop
Nike Japan online shop

NIKE.Japan the international brand's Japan shop.

adidas online shop
adidas online shop

adidas Japan  The German sports brand. The shop has some Japan original items too!

mizuno online shop
mizuno online shop

Mizuno Shop

The brand founded in 1906. Well known Japanese sports brand. Great swim wears.

asics online shop
asics online shop

asics Online Store

Well known Japanese sports brand. Great running shoes. Originated from Onitsuka Tiger. Now the parent of the company.

onitsuka tiger online shop
onitsuka tiger online shop

Online dealer of Yonex

Yonex has no official webshop. We put some examples of retailers selling Yonex products. You can buy from some of its online retailers such as above.

Well known Japanese sports brand. 

Phiten official shop
Sports accessories famous athletes use. Click the logo to go to its official shop.

Reebok Japan official webshop

Their shoes are amazing! Click the logo to go to its official webshop

4. Other notable shops for event tickets, J-pop, Japanese fashion etc.


Ticket Pia for tickets of events in Japan
Ticket Pia for tickets of events in Japan

Ticket Pia online shop

 Wanna go to music concert/live of your favorite J-pop, J-rock band, or watch sport event or movie during you are in Japan? These popular events may be booked out any time soon so better hurry to reserve in advance!

AKB48 item shop
AKB48 item shop

AKB48 Official online shop

If you are a big fan of AKB48, this online shop offers you what you need basically. You can buy the special AKB48 CDs, Blu-rays, Videos and DVDs

If you are the big fan, better join the fanclub via our fanclub proxy service.


HKT 48 item shop
HKT48 shop

HKT 48 Official online shop

Another group from AKB 48 family (aka Akimono family). Very popular in the recent years, as popular as AKB 48.  

Baby metal online shop
Baby Metal online shop

Baby Metal official online shop

Popular "metal" girls band from Japan. Never heard? You should listen to it once!

Various items

muji online shop
Muji Online shop

Muji online shop

Do you like Muji products? Team Onegai Kaeru loves Muji. The products are very simple and cool.

You may find their stores in your country as Muji is expanding to overseas ( you can find out the nearby real Muji shop here). If you do not have it in your city, this Muji online shop is worth checking out!



Loft Japan

At Loft you can get all kinds of household  and lifestyle goods, stationary, design interior, products for daily life and all the cute bento boxes and decorations to make you or your kids lunch box colourful!

Team Kaeru also loves to shop with Loft - they sell high quality goods.

Tokyu Hands

An awesome shop for fun lifestyle goods, gifts from Japan, DIY goods and cosmetics is Tokyu Hands.

They also carry cute Japanese stationary, design goods and outdoor articles.

Definitely worth a look - if you make it to the actual store in Tokyo, you won't come out without having purchased something.


Taito toys market

The official webshop sells Taito brand items such as Space invadors, the animation movie Your name (君の名は) etc. Click the logo to go to the official web shop


not interested online shop
not interested online shop

"not interested online shop"

Unique fashion from Japan. All originally designed Kanji Tees such as Not Interested Tee, Beanie, sweaters.

famous Online japanese fashion shop
The famous online shop for Japanese fashion

Zozotown Japanese fashion online shop

Zozotown is the famous online select shop of Japanese fashion brands.

You will find famous brands like BEAMS, SHIPS, UNITED ARROWS, FREAK'S STORE, 45R etc.  

Shipping is usually very fast and reliable.


Bubbles - Harajuku Fashion

The uber-popular shop Bubbles in Harajuku caters to all people who love Tokyo Fashion and items which pop! Team Kaeru knows many of the staff personally and can help you to get a piece of Harajuku fashion to you. Check out their online shop:

スピンズ (SPINNS)

Very popular among fashionable Harajuku lovers is also SPINNS, a shop which has 3 branches in Harajuku alone! Further shops can be found in Shibuya 109, Ikebukuro and in other cities across Japan.

lilim park, mejane, mars, princess melody, glavil, japanese fashion webstore
LiLim Park Online shop

Lilim Park webstore 

 Looking for unique Japanese fashion items? Looking for super cute pink girls' clothes? Then try this site.

 This online shop for four brands, me Jane, Mars, Princess Melody and Glavil.

Cosmetics and medical items

matsukiyo online shop
Matsumoto Kiyoshi online shop

Matsumono Kiyoshi online shop

One of the biggest drug store chains in Japan. Popular with tourists. It sells from medicines, health foods, cosmetics etc.


For Japanese cosmetics you might want to check out this page. They have about 80.000 products in store and show you which are the most popular cosmetics / make-up in Japan at the moment. Shiseido, Kanebo, SK-II - you name it. Shipping within Japan is free as well!

Japanese Sake (rice wine)

Best Sake Club Source: wikipedia
Best Sake Club Source: wikipedia

Found no real and best sake in your country? You can try the Best Sake Club. It is a service to send you the best sake from Japan every month. Most likely the only way to reach the best Sake from Japan.

Japanese Craft Beer

Captain Crow, a famous craft beer from Japan Source: Amazon
Captain Crow, a famous craft beer from Japan Source: Amazon

Love to try rare Japanese craft beer? You can try the Japan Craft Beer Club. It is a service to send you the craft beer from Japan every month. Most likely the only way to reach the craft beer from Japan.


Rakuten Travel

One of the most popular hotel booking sites in Japan. It is a Rakuten group.

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