Promotion Service

All right reserved Onegai Kaeru 2016
All right reserved Onegai Kaeru 2016

Digital marketing

INFLUENCEr marketing

We have a network of influencers in Japan and several other countries like China, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Do you want to promote your product / service with an online influencer (key opinion leader)?  Talk to us today.

Landing page

We set up your landing page after consultation to figure out the selling points of your service/product in the market.

SNS marketing

We set up and manage your SNS pages for your target market. For example, we set up facebook pages in Japanese, and craft and post promotional information to attract potential customers.


Exhibition booth design and set up

Planning to join an exhibition or messe? We provide the booth design and set up. Currently we support in Japan, China and SE Asia.

Test marketing

Focus group

You want to see if your product/service has a chance in Japan? Or do you wonder how to improve your product/service for Japan market?


We organize a focus group and get the feedback. 

Ideal for test marketing

To sell and promote your products to the world may be a difficult, and scary with potential costs possibly, step. We would like to be the first step you can easily utilise.


We recommend you to use our website to promote for free.


This means we only charge when your product sold!

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