Selling Someone's Secret? Japan's Shop to sell Secrets

Selling Someone's Secret? Japan's Shop to sell Secrets

Do you want to know someone's secret?

Buy & Sell Secrets

Human rental business in Japan gets more than 10000 people reading! Today we introduce you another unique business from Japan.


Do you want to know someone's secret? 


We know there are many companies which sell some secrets about companies as part of due diligence, private investigation, tabloids. This could be a serious crime.


This time, it is not so serious (we hope!). 


Ribeka Kimura, 30 years old, is the owner of the secret selling business with her stall. Her shop has the big sign "Secret / Himitsu (ひみつ) in Japanese" How you sell someone's secret?


She goes around and asks for secret information. If one agrees, she asks the person to write the secret on the paper and fold and put the paper into concrete.


She has around 100 "secrets". The information provider decides freely how much she could sell this secrets. Most of them are from 500JPY-5000JPY. The most expensive one is 30million JPY.


People often buy the secrets around 500JPY.


Ms. Kimura explains she started this business once after she got some secret. Once she had it, she started thinking if she could collect secrets of others.


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how to find her shop?

Ms. Kimura announced where you can find her shop from her SNS. Check this out!

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Source: Nippon TV

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