HUMAN RENTAL BUSINESS IN JAPAN - HOW TO ORDER / HOW TO REGISTER - (Woman rental too. Updated in Nov, 2017)

Human Rental Business in Japan - How to Order / How to register - Middle Age Man rental service details (Now Woman rental too, Nov, 2017)

In Japan you can rent not only apartment or house but people.  (updated in Nov 2017 about "Woman rental " )


Onegai Kaeru team sees that there are some "unique" business in Japan where you can rent people as family members or friends to participate some events.


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Why human rental work in Japan?

For example, you have a big problem with your real parents about your marriage so they would not come to your wedding party but you do not want other participants to worry about you at the party (probably you may laugh about it but the "face issue" is quite serious in Japan (and many Asian countries)).


From several agencies like this one, you can rent a temporal mother and father (who are often not well known actor/actress) who will act as your parents and can even do speech as your parents. Next time you go to some Japanese wedding party, you may be going to one of those with fake parents/friends (please do not ask this at the party though...)! 


If interested, you can read more about these friend rental, family rental services. Family rental service company list in Japan. Friend rental company in Japan.


Normally you pay 100USD or more per person for this type of business. If you want to rent an English speaking friend in Japan, you can use F-R-I-E-N.

New business trend -Middle aged men rental-

Now we see another business coming to life in Japan.


It is called "Ossan rental".


"Ossan" means middle aged men in Japanese. You can rent a middle aged man for 1000JPY per hour subject to the terms and conditions of the operator.

Examples of elderly men you can order  Source: Ossan Rental Official Website (some may not be available any more time)

When going into the website and clicking the profile, you see the introduction of each people ( some detailed and some not). Many married. Some talking about their successes/failures, some talking about their past difficulties, some talking about their profession.

How to Rent MAM (middle Aged Man)

The process is so easy:


1. Go to the website

2. Go to the list of middle aged men and check the Ossan available in your area.

3. Choose a man and put him into a cart and put the number of hour you want to rent. If one hour, one item, if you want two hours, you put two items.

4. Input your information

5. Input payment method either by credit card, payment at convenience store or bank transfer following some arrangement ( There are specific rules (how to pay, cancellation fee etc.) thus read carefully (all in Japanese) you usually need to pay the travel cost (some do not claim the traffic cost) ) 

6. Order confirmation

7. You will receive a greeting mail from the Ossan

8. You decide where/when to meet and your wishes in details with Ossan

9. Once payment completes, the reservation completes


Note: you need to pay for the traffic cost, the food and drink (usually you go to fast food shop, cafe, bar, pub), for the hour the Ossan spends on travel if Ossan comes from afar. 

You need to decide in details with Ossan.

COD possible? Yes

COD (cash on delivery) is also possible. 


Here is how you do it. You send email to with the name of Ossan you want to rent, when, how long, your name, your contact. 

How much to cost to rent?

You pay 1000JPY per hour and if you need two hour, you pay 2000 JPY.


Some men charge for the travel cost (we think you should pay the travel cost in any case).


Normally the customer rents Ossan for 2-3 hours average thus 2000JPY - 3000 JPY for the rent plus travel cost (return trip) and the food and drink.


For example, if you rent one Ossan for 3 hours and meet him at Izakaya (Japanese bar, say, 3000JPY per person) and the Ossan pays 2000JPY for travel both way. You pay for Ossan 3000JPY (rental fee) + 3000 JPY (Ossan's food and drink) + 2000 JPY (round trip for Ossan) = 8000JPY (around 75 USD) in total.


According to the operator/founder (Mr. Nishimoto)...


The Ossan rental started in 2012. The founder overheard some high school girls saying "they are disgusted by middle age guys' and thought he wanted to let the world know that middle aged men have value to offer.


So far 400 orders per year and around 60 middle aged men (from their 30s-60s) registered.


70-80% of customers are female. Many of the customers want to consult these men about their problems (e.g. love issues), though some (but not many) need the guy to assemble some IKEA furniture. The operator says that people can talk freely and openly because these men are total strangers.


The average rent duration is 2-3 hours.

How to register for rent?

To register as the mid age guy on the website, you need to be between 32 and 62 year old and you NEED to pay 10,000JPY as registration fee then 10,000 JPY every month.


There shall be interviews by the website owner before the registration.


Meeting up for sexual purpose is strictly prohibited. For any reason, if you get complaints from a customer 3 times, you will be de-registered. 


This means that you pay 130,000 JPY for the first year. Having 1000 JPY payment per hour in mind, it appears that these people on the list are not motivated by money, rather it is almost volunteer task.


If you try once, please let us know your experience! 

Contact Info of Ossan Rental

Tel: +81 90 5134 6025


Office hour: 10:00-22:00 (JST)

Contact person: Mr. Takanobu Nishimoto

Woman rental too?

The above is only for male rental.


As of November, 2017 we also notice one website which claims to lend out woman. It is called "Woman Rental".


The website site is this. If you want to register, you need to be a female and pay several 100USD for registration. The biggest difference from the male rental service is that you can decide how much you want to get paid per hour.


Some report of those who registered with the Woman Rental say their clients have been also female. Some are young students from some local area visiting Tokyo and want to learn the "cool makeup". Some want advice about love...


There is a risk that some client mistakes this service for sexual one.

Human rental agency on rise in Japan

Human rental business is still on rise. Why?


Japan, a country renowned for its strong work ethic and dedication to one's profession, also harbors a unique phenomenon – the employment of agents to quit jobs on behalf of individuals. This practice, seemingly unusual to outsiders, has deep cultural and psychological roots within Japanese society. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this trend, shedding light on the intricate nuances of Japanese workplace culture and the challenges faced by those who find it difficult to speak up in professional settings.


1. Cultural Norms and Workplace Etiquette


Japanese society places immense importance on social harmony and maintaining a facade of collective well-being. Consequently, individuals often find it challenging to express personal dissatisfaction or confrontational emotions in professional settings. Respect for authority, hierarchical structures, and group cohesion can stifle the voice of the individual employee, leaving them feeling powerless and unheard.


2. Fear of Repercussions


The fear of facing consequences for resigning, such as damaging one's professional reputation or causing distress to colleagues, can be paralyzing. Additionally, the prospect of disappointing one's family and societal expectations can further deter individuals from resigning directly.


3. Mental Health Stigma


Mental health remains a stigmatized issue in many parts of the world, including Japan. Employees experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression might feel ashamed to admit their struggles openly. This stigma can prevent them from seeking support or vocalizing their desire to leave their jobs, leading them to employ intermediaries to navigate this difficult terrain.


4. The Rise of Job-Quitting Agencies


Recognizing this need, job-quitting agencies have emerged in Japan. These agencies, staffed with professionals adept at negotiating the complex web of Japanese workplace etiquette, act as intermediaries between employees and employers. They provide a buffer, allowing individuals to express their desire to leave their jobs without facing the direct confrontation, making the process smoother and less emotionally taxing. 

<If you want to learn about job quitting agency in Japan, check this article>


5. Economic Factors


In a country with a highly competitive job market, the prospect of unemployment can be daunting. Individuals might be hesitant to leave their jobs without a secure backup plan. Job-quitting agencies often assist in this transition by providing counseling, career guidance, and job placement services, making the process less risky and uncertain.


The practice of hiring agents to quit jobs in Japan highlights the intricate interplay between cultural norms, personal emotions, and societal expectations. While it may appear unusual from an outsider's perspective, it serves as a coping mechanism for individuals trapped in challenging workplace situations. Understanding this phenomenon not only offers insight into the complexities of Japanese work culture but also prompts a broader conversation about mental health, workplace dynamics, and the importance of empowering individuals to assert their rights and well-being in professional settings. As societal attitudes continue to evolve, it is crucial to foster open dialogues and support systems that enable individuals to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace with confidence and resilience.

How about your country?

So human rental is  popular in Japan.


When we helped TV program featuring Ossan, we fixed the project with an uncle type guy who speaks English. So you can rent an uncle speaking English if you search in the data base.


Otherwise, you use a friend rental company. Often you pay more than 100USD or more per person for this type of business. If you want to rent an English speaking friend in Japan, you can use F-R-I-E-N.


How about your country? Do you have a similar type of business? Do you see a good chance of success for such a business?


Let us know  how you feel!

Want to interview this company?

Do you want to TV shooting, music video, photo shooting for human rental in Japan?


We worked with major TV broadcasters around the world and online media to carry out their task in Japan. We make planning, arrangement with the venues, also hire local professional crew (videographer, photographer, editor, makeup artist, stylist, model etc. ) for the project.


Just contact us.

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Source:  Ossan rental official page, Sankei News


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