Obituary: Yoshito Usui of Crayon Shin-chan- His will found?

Obituary: Yoshito Usui of Crayon Shin-chan

In the memory of MR.Yoshito Usui

Yoshito Usui well known for Crayon Shin-chan passed away on 11th of Sept, 2009. His Will found?


Yoshito Usui well known for Crayon Shin-chan passed away on 11th of Sept, 2009.

Who is Yoshito Usui?

Mr. Usui was born in Shizuoka and moved to Saitama where he grew up. After graduating in 1977, he was taking some part time during his time in a technical college. After the college, he joined an advertisement agency making POPs for supermarkets.


In 1990 he finally got a debut with Crayon Shin-chan which is quite popular not only in Japan but also in China and other parts of Asia.

The animation started on 13th of April, 1992. The first episode got only 4% of viewership. The main character Shin-chan was a naughty kid which made his so popular with kids and (of course) the parents did not want their kids to watch it. In July 1993 the TV viewership reached 28.2%!


How Happened?

He died in an accident while climbing Arafune mountain in Nagano. Climbing was his hobby.


He was 51 years old.


Was there any will from Mr. Usui?

While reported that Mr. Usui was missing, there came a red colored note with Shin-chan face saying "Sorry, I am...". Some thought it was the will from Mr. Usui. Some weeks later, one anonymous person claimed the note was made by him, not Mr. Usui. It was concluded that his death was a pure accident.


Shin-chan Forever

It is very sad that the creator passed away from such an accident. Shin-chan will live in our heart forever. Here are some quotes from Shin-chan series.

  • (When asked about what a politician loves) "I know! I know! Pile of money!"
  • (When seeing his parents fighting) "dad, mum, when you want to make up, say sorry. It is the rule in the kindergarten. All do so!"
  • "Masao-kun, you are really nice. If I were a woman, I would not marry you."

UPDATE: As of June 2018, the voice actor for Shinchan is announced to quit. 

Kasukabe is the home town of Shin-chan. You must visit the Kasukabe station. The station is full of Shin-chan incl. the music to play when a train goes!

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