Obituary: Yoshito Usui of Crayon Shin-chan

Obituary: Yoshito Usui of Crayon Shin-chan

Yoshito Usui

Yoshito Usui well known for Crayon Shin-chan passed away on 11th of Sept, 2009.


Mr. Usui was born in Shizuoka and moved to Saitama where he grew up. After graduating in 1977, he was taking some part time during his time in a technical college. After the college, he joined an advertisement agency making POPs for supermarkets.


In 1990 he finally got a debut with Crayon Shin-chan which is quite popular not only in Japan but also in China and other parts of Asia.  


He died in an accident while climbing Arafune mountain in Nagano. Climbing was his hobby.


He was 51 years old.


UPDATE: As of June 2018, the voice actor for Shinchan is announced to quit. 

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