Japan Real Estate Purchase Support

With the strong ties to several major real estate companies, we introduce Japan Real Estate Purchase Support.

Many foreigners buy apartment/house in Japan

Back in 2010 one of the biggest real estate developers in Japan asked us to support them to enter the China market and we helped them. That time we were happy to see many Chinese people showing interests to buy real estates in Japan. 


2 years ago another big real estate developer in Japan which owns many shopping malls overseas asked us to support them to check the real estate market outside of Japan.

We have good real estate information!

We would not launch a new service if we have no unique selling point. The reason why you only want to work with us is that we have the Japanese real estate info which are NOT public


If you plan to buy properties in Japan and talk to any real estate agency in Japan which all uses the same information data base called REINS. You must be registered as a real estate agency to have the access to this data base which is the core business tool for agencies to charge you the commission. You go there and see. All tries to sell you something from that database. 


Really good deals are not on that database. 


We ourselves met many big name real estate companies which charge you a crazy amount of the commission (to support their own high and stable salaries). 


We seriously care a lot about the best of our clients for any business and we treat other as they want to treat us. This is our core value.

Can Foreigner get loan in Japan?

Many of our clients ask us if they, as foreigners, can get a loan to buy properties in Japan. The answer is "depends". If you have a Japanese passport or permanent residency visa, you have a good chance. If you do not live in Japan and are not categorized as above, you basically have no chance. 


This way, several clients from overseas bought real estates in Japan with cash. The strong advantage with this is that you get quite good price for the property.


There are so many financial institutions and you need to talk to a right one for your target property. We have a certified personnel who can also advise on which bank you should talk to and get the real estate deal complete.

How to monetize your property in Japan?

Our clients usually buy the whole apartments to make the sizable profit. Some just purchase a room in an apartment which is much cheaper and also you have a good chance to get the loan from banks but the yield rate and the actual gain is not that profitable.  Of course, there are good properties for a flat too.

How expert makes money from real estates in Japan?

There is no trick how to increase your profit from the real estate in Japan or anywhere in the world basically. You need to find a good property with a high yield as possible. Yet, these ones tend to be expensive.


We share some good tip here ;)

Some real estate experts around us making a profit much higher than the average buy super cheap places yet in a good location. You know Japan has a population shrinkage and more and more empty houses, apartments are around even in the centre of cities.


Our friends usually buy the old and maybe dirty properties and invest heavily in renovation and lend it out at a higher price. We do not recommend this unless you are the expert with a good experience of running real estates. You also need some good amount of budget for the renovation.


If you are interested, we also work with the renovation companies too. But again, it is only for the property expert!

How to manage your property from outside of Japan?

We introduce a property management company to manage your property in Japan. So you have no worry living outside of Japan yet running your estates in Japan. 

Our certified personnel for Japan property

We have a certified real estate personnel who can also advise from zero to the completion of the real estate deal. 

all about Timing!

For real estate business, we feel, your timing plays the most critical part in your successful property business in Japan. The real estate market moving fast, the bank's expectation changing fast.


Keep in mind that you do not find a 100% perfect place. You need to look at the market and develop your expectation. Even if you want to buy a property now, we may not have the information you need. We see the good properties sell so fast.


Our tip is just start consulting us now if you are interested. This way, we learn your requirements and we can provide the relevant information from time to time. This is easy but the most critical part.

feel Free to consult us!

Talk to us today!It will help us if you put your name, address, your budget, the ideal property type and location,  yield rate, your portfolio and anything you think helps us to find the right property in Japan.


We respond at the speed of light usually but for this service, we work with the experts and relevant parties (property owners) which may take some time.

Due to the high volume of inquiry and focus on the serious clients, we can not answer to all questions. If any sales inquiry, any information missing in the required field, we may not be able to answer. 

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