Vietnam visa (TRC) and work permit support and consulting

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We offers visa and relocation support for those looking to obtain visas and move abroad.


In Vietnam, we primarily handle work visa processing, provide consultations on TRCs, and prepare necessary documents.


Regarding PRCs, it is currently nearly impossible to obtain one.


We offer visa acquisition support for many countries, including Vietnam, Panama, Malaysia, and Germany (EU). For Japan, if you need assistance, we have a great pool of visa experts in Japan too. 


Please feel free to contact us for more information.


For relocation, we support moves to Panama in Central America and the tropical regions of Vietnam in Asia.


Please consider relocation from a long-term perspective. Even in countries with currently low living costs, it is necessary to prepare for future living expenses considering the current inflation rates.


Unless you have substantial savings in the order of hundreds of millions of yen, we do not recommend a move that relies on depleting your savings.


Even if you have significant savings, we recommend engaging in business activities in Japan and the local area post-relocation to avoid depleting your savings.


While it may be possible to find employment locally if you have specialized knowledge and language skills, most jobs offer low wages and have age restrictions, making this impractical for many.


How about investing in local businesses? Investing in local restaurants, earning dividends, or gaining profit from business sales can be promising.


Real estate could be another option. You might purchase and rent out local hotels, apartments, or commercial buildings. Capital gains unique to emerging countries can also be expected.


However, it is not easy. Many considerations and risks need to be taken into account.


There are restricted businesses that only locals can own, and in communist countries, you must be cautious about legal property ownership (building ownership) as land ownership might not be recognized.


We often receive inquiries about relocating to Vietnam, but it can be challenging for foreigners.


Vietnam is close to Japan, has a favorable view of Japanese people, and is relatively safe. However, obtaining permanent residency is difficult. Given the current local laws, it is almost impossible without significant contributions to Vietnam.


According to Vietnamese law, long-term stays require a Permanent Residence Card (PRC) issued by an authorized body. Even with a PRC, you can only stay for up to 10 years.


PRCs are issued based on meeting specific residency types and contribution levels to Vietnam.


However, while long-term residency may not be entirely impossible, you can apply for a Temporary Residence Card (TRC) if you meet the conditions. We offer consulting on the various types of TRCs.


For long-term stays in Vietnam, a TRC is recommended.


Even if obtaining permanent residency is difficult, long-term stays are possible by applying for a TRC.


Our company handles work permit processing, TRC consultations, and document preparation. While we cannot engage in illegal or unethical activities, we have extensive knowledge of local work permits and TRCs and can offer solutions for various cases.


After we prepare the documents, the client will need to submit them to the authorities individually.


There are two main types of TRCs:


1. TRC for employment purposes is granted to foreigners working in Vietnam under a work permit.

2. TRC for foreign investment purposes is granted to those investing in businesses or establishing companies in Vietnam.


To obtain a TRC, you must first stay in Vietnam under a qualifying residence permit.


Feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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