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Samurai Ninja Safari Bus taking place in Asakusa, Tokyo

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Due to the recent law reform about tour guide business in Japan, we expect there will be more interesting tours in Japan in multi languages.


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Unique Tour in Japan List

Dog Sled Tour (in Hokkaido)

Be on the dog sled and run through the snow field. Is it one of the things in your bucket list?


Morning tour is from 09:45 - 12:00 Lunch time

Afternoon tour is from 1:45 - 16:00PM

Cost is around 400USD for 3 people depending on the menu.

Contact: +81 80-3232-8119

Address: Hokkaidō, Katō-gun, Shikaoi-chō, Urimaku Nishi 31 Sen,25

Find more info here!

Tour with Tsukiji Fish Market King

In this, you go around the Tsukiji Fish market with the expert of the place.


For more details

Photo taking tour

In this, you go around Tokyo with a photo expert who knows where you can take a great shot in the city.


For more details

Temple stay in Mt. Koya ( in Wakayama)

In this, you climb the biggest Buddhist mountain in Japan, Mt. Koya (Koyasan) and stay in one temple, Eikoen, where you will get up early, hear the stories from the monk and do some training ! 


Your schedule decided by the temple:

1) Check in time is 14:00

2) If you arrive after 14:00, you can enter your room.

3) If you arrive before 14:00, we can keep your baggage.

4) Ajikan meditation is 16:30. (only if you want)

5) And dinner time is 17:30 ( you eat healthy temple food)

6) Next morning

7) Morning service is 6:30 (you need to get up!)

8) Goma fire ritual is 7:00

9) Breakfast is 7:30 ( you eat healthy temple food)

10) check out time 10:00


Contact: +81 736-56-2514

Address: 497 Koyasan, Koya-cho, Ito, Wakayama, Japan

Interested? you can book from this link.


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Tokyo Pub Crawl

In this,as the name suggests, you go around Tokyo visiting pubs. At the end of the tour, you will be quite drunken...Please try to make sure you stay a bit awake enough to go back to your hotel!


For more details

Japanese Sword CALLIGRAPHY Tour

In this, you will learn how to use Japanese sword like Samurai in films!


For more details

Gal Make-up Tour

Love to look like Ganguro girl? If yes, this tour is right for you. On this, you learn how to make up like once popular Ganguro girl in Japan.


For more details

Manga (cartoon) drawing Tour

In this, you learn some basics how to draw manga (cartoon). It costs you around 100USD but an easy way to test your feeling about your possible cartoonist.


For the info, how to get a job in anime industry and how the life is in Japan, check this out!


For more details

Experience Old Japan Life tour ( in Osaka)

Only first 300 visitors can join this tour at Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

Open: 10:00AM - 17:00 (Last entry is at 16:45)

Contact: +81 6-6242-1170

Address: Osaka, Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Tenjinbashi, 6 Chome 4- 20

Cost is 300 JPY and the duration is 30 mins


For more information, check this out!

Food Sample Making tour (in Osaka)

You must have seen this in Japan Source: wikipedia
Food samples. You must have seen this in Japan Source: wikipedia

If you visit Japan and eat out (we are sure that you do), you may see the food samples at the restaurant. Food samples are so nicely made that you can not believe these are fake foods! Why do not you learn how to make it on one tour?

Operator: Design Pocket

Contact: +81 6-6586-6251

Address: Osaka, Chūō-ku, Nanbasennichimae, 10 - 11

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Note: there are similar tours in Tokyo too.

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