anti harassment seminar and training in Japan

All right reserved Onegai Kaeru 2016
All right reserved Onegai Kaeru 2016

power harassment case in Japan?

We offer anti harassment seminar and training in English for companies operating business in Japan. We can carry out seminars online so that the HQ/branches outside Japan can join.


You may have learnt about the issue being so huge in Japan from our article about what "power harassment" is in Japan. 


What do you empower your company with our seminar and training? 


1. Cultural Sensitivity Training: Understanding the subtle nuances of Japanese workplace culture and etiquette to identify potential harassment triggers.


2. Legal Framework: Exploring Japanese employment laws and regulations related to harassment, ensuring organizations are well-informed and compliant.


3. Effective Communication: Teaching practical communication strategies to promote respectful interactions and prevent misunderstandings that can lead to harassment.


4. Creating Inclusive Workspaces: Providing actionable insights into fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace, promoting a harmonious environment for all employees.


5. Conflict Resolution: Equipping participants with conflict resolution techniques to address harassment incidents promptly and effectively, promoting a healthier workplace atmosphere.


Why Attend Our Seminar?


By attending our Anti-Harassment Seminar, participants will:

- Gain in-depth knowledge about harassment issues specific to the Japanese workplace.

- Develop practical skills to identify, prevent, and address harassment effectively.

- Foster a workplace culture based on mutual respect, understanding, and inclusivity.

- Ensure compliance with Japanese employment laws, mitigating legal risks for the organization.

- Promote employee well-being, job satisfaction, and productivity by creating a safe working environment.


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