Japan Job Support Service

How to get a job in Japan?
How to get a job in Japan?

We get asked quite often by our readers. How to find and get a job in Japan. To meet the requests well, we set up this Japan Job support service.

Best tips

We have helped many foreign friends find a job in Japan. Some friends do not speak Japanese.


Our learning as the tips to get a job in Japan is to start the job search early, be patient, face the reality yet in a positive way and keep up your skill set. 

Start early

It usually takes two month up to 2 years to find a job in Japan. The key is you get as much job information as possible. If you do not start the search today, you may miss the great chance only existing today. So start now.


It may take a quite some time. Even you get an interview, there is always a chance that you fail. Esp. a popular job,the success rate is below 1 %. It may not be about you sometimes.

face the reality

It is not easy to find a job, esp. dream job. The job by itself means you need to do what others tell you to do. This is not fun (to many!). We saw many foreign friends who thought that they got the dream jobs but did not like it once they started working. It is quite often so. Job is a job, it is not your life. The same principle applies to any job in your country too, we guess. So face the reality but be positive.

Try to have a skillset

If your Japanese is none or your second language, there are always Japanese applicants who speak Japanese much better than you ( well, that is true, right? ).


You need a skill which surpass these Japanese. Say it is your IT skill, say it is your expertise in some software, editing, programming etc. Try and find some skill set. 

So here is what we offer...

Service 1

Monthly mail to inform you the potential job opportunities in Japan. We hand pick potential jobs for you.

Service 2

Translation of your CV into Japanese. If you have one in English, we can make a Japanese one. If you have none, we can give you a form. For a Japan job application, you need a photo.

Service 3

Advise you with a work in Japan. If you have any question, you can ask us. How is it like working in Japan? Overtime a lot? Drinking after work?


Only 20USD per month (a year contract only)

If interested...

If interested, just start now!


Our policy is a honesty and integrity. The chance to get a job depends on the economy situation, number of applicants, timings and other factors. Thus, we can not guarantee you shall get a job in Japan. We can not support your visa to work in Japan. Yet, we can introduce the visa experts.

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    Amruta Suresh Nikam (Monday, 09 May 2022 22:39)

    I am interested to your company

  • #2

    asrorbekabdumuxtorov@gmail.com (Monday, 06 April 2020 13:47)

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am writing to apply for a job as a story writer and idea creator to animé.

    If I tell about myself, I have one year experience as a writer. I even published a book which calls 'Changed ghosts'. I am learning Japanese but I know English and Russian.

    If you want to know ideas, I have very good onec. For example: School under prison, World protector, Kendo and others.

    If you want to contact with me, answer to this email.

    Sincerely, Asrorbek

  • #1

    Vasco Vicente (Monday, 20 November 2017 22:05)

    Hi there,

    I was looking for a opportunity to work in animation studio in Japan, I'm Multidisciplinary Awarded Art Director / Designer that interest work with animation, Illustration and Design.