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Public transport in rural Japan

Are you going to only use a public transport? Even the public transport is well established in Japan, if you go to a rural area, there shall be not much to depend on. Auto rental or biking or walking shall be the way .  You can read how to rent a car in Japan here with a foreign driver's licence. 

What is " Japanese Translation of foreign driver’s license "?

What is " Japanese Translation of foreign driver’s license "?

Called " Gaikoku Unten Menkyosho Honyakubun 外国運転免許証翻訳文 " in Japanese. This is an official translation of your driver's incense of your home country (non-Japanese). 


Many car rental companies in Japan can rend a car with this document and your valid driver's license of your own country.

Who can process this?

Japan Automotive Federation ( JAF ) and some foreign embassies and consulates in Japan.

How to get this?

You fill in this form. You basically need to actually go to one of the above office in Japan with the form and your original license.


But alternatively, Kaeru Parcels can process this for you.

How Kaeru Parcels help you?

With our Japanese rent car support, you DO NOT NEED to be in Japan to get this translation paper. You give us the necessary information and the clear and color photocopy of your driver’s license (front and back), we will take care of the procedure and send the official  translation by JAF to you in your home country. You must bring your driver’s license and the official translation (both original) to a car rent company in Japan. 


What information we need?


a) Applicant's name as printed on license (MUST)

b) Applicant's address in Japan (hotel and the telephone number to use in Japan if you have or of the hotel, if not decided, your home address) (MUST)

c) Your telephone number ( home, office, mobile)

d) Your email address

e 1) Issuing country of your driver's license (MUST)

e 2) License no. (MUST)

e 3) Issue date printed on license (if not, no need)

e 4) Expire data printed on license (if not, no need)

e 5) Address printed on license (if not, no need)

f ) If you have not lived in your country for at least 3 months after you get your license, please let us know (we need to specify in the application by YES/NO) (MUST)

g) Full color photos of your driver's license (need to be clear, not blurry) ONE JPEG FILE of FRONT SIDE AND ONE JPEG FILE of BACK SIDE (in total TWO JPEG FILES) (MUST)

h) Proof of the valid travel insurance covering your entire stay in Japan (PDF)

i) by when you need the document


Note: If there are more than two drivers, each driver needs one document. In such a case, please provide us with the information for each person.



i) 4000JPY for the JAF official translation fee (per person)

ii) 700JPY for the special post (domestic) (per person)

iii) 160EUR Kaeu Parcels' service fee (up to two people)

iv) EMS postal fee to your home from Japan (depending on destination, per person or per one shipment if the address is the same if two or more applications)

Note: as of 2024 May, the fee and cost in Japan keep going up like any other parts of the world so we may need to change our price (unfortunately upwards!) by the time you contact us.


How long to take?

We usually calculate for 1.5 month at least before your flight. If you fly to and rent a car in Japan in mid April, you need to contact and proceed with us at the end of February of the same year.



If you wish to use our service, please agree as below.

This Japanese Translation of foreign driver’s license by JAF is NOT 100% guarantee that you can rent a car. The decision shall be with the car rental company. To reduce the unnecessary risk, please contact a rent car company you plan to use in Japan and ask if   Japanese Translation of foreign driver’s license by JAF (and your valid driver's license) is enough to rent a car.


We are not responsible for any loss/damage you may incur directly or indirectly based on this paper and our service.


Further read: how to rent a car in Japan?  

Contact us

Please specify the info from a) to i) above in the below form except for the JPEG files, otherwise we or JAF may need to ask you questions several times.


Have a safe drive in Japan!

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Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

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