Tattoo print tights and stockings from Japan (UPDATED 2024)

Tattoo print tights and stockings from Japan (UPDATED 2024)

Why tattoo has been a big topic in Japan?


Why we needed to create tattoo ok bath / swimming pool list 10 years ago?


The trend of tattoos as a fashion statement in Japan first emerged in 1982. Young women walking along Takeshita Street in Harajuku, a popular spot for youth culture, began using tattoo-style stickers. Among them, some started getting small, real tattoos. The most popular designs included earrings and flowers, such as roses and small leaves. Compared to today's more elaborate body art, these early tattoos were quite modest. Full-body tattoos were still largely resisted at the time 


As of 2024 June, there will be a big election for Tokyo governor. Is it related to tattoo? Well, funnily, yes!

On this topic, we had some interesting comment about tattoo in Japan from a legendary rock singer so we put here.


Rock musician Kiyoharu, known for his work with "Kuroyume" and "SADS," made his first appearance on a TV news program on June 2, 2024. He shared his views on the upcoming Tokyo gubernatorial election, set for July 7, which has garnered attention with Rikken Minshutō (Constitutional Democratic Party) Senator Renhō among the candidates.


While current Governor Yuriko Koike, expected to run for a third term, has yet to announce her candidacy, Kiyoharu commented on the election: "Older voters tend to vote based on name recognition. With Renhō running, it might be more of a contest this time."


Kiyoharu also discussed what he believes Tokyo needs, highlighting support for childcare and nursery teachers, and the removal of restrictions on people with tattoos. He prefaced his comments on tattoos by saying, "It's not just because I have tattoos, but there’s a stigma associated with them. Many people who got tattoos when they were younger have reformed. Despite the negative image, these individuals often have strong convictions and high capabilities. It's unfortunate when they're barred from new opportunities because of their tattoos."


He emphasized that society should recognize the potential in these individuals and not let tattoos hinder their chances for a better future.


Source: TBS news

Tattoo sticker's 80s passed and recently especially in Harajuku fashion, tattoo print tights are booming like crazy! Those almost invisible tights with just a little print at the ankle, looking like a real tattoo, or for the people who want more - an all over print - are the must have items this year.


I believe everything started with a tiny shop in Tokyo's Harajuku district, whose owner designs tights himself: 

AVANTGARDE (アバンギャルド) 


Therefore for these designer pieces the price is a little higher (approx. 1,9003,500 JPY per item) but they are made of wonderful quality and really unique! Here is a tiny overview from the shop.


Does your country also have a similar good? Do you have the one?

I myself own one pair of the Mickey Mouse comic print as seen above!


Since printed tights got really popular recently, you can find them basically all over Harajuku and Shibuya - from different manufacturers for a smaller price.


I really like them since they bring so many fresh new ideas and patterns into the fashion world! Why don't you grab a pair too and spice up your autumn legs?

want to source these products? or feature these stocking cultures in japan? want to interview companies?

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Or, do you want to TV shooting, music video, photo shooting in Japan featuring these tattoo stockings?


We worked with major TV broadcasters around the world and online media to carry out their task in Japan. We make planning, arrangement with the venues, also hire local professional crew (videographer, photographer, editor, makeup artist, stylist, model, interpreter etc. ) for the project.


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