Listen up! Beer friends.

Ice glass for Beer
Ice glass for Beer

Drinking beer out of a glass made of ice had been a dream for all beer lovers. Not any more.

The inventor of Bowlingal, a machine which translates dog’s language into our language, Mr. Masahiko Kajita, invented a kit to make an ice beer glass easily at home.

It can hold around 100-130ml. At room temperature, filled with drinks like beer or cocktails, it can lasts for 20 minutes. The bottom stand of this construction collects the water if the ice melts, to keep your furniture dry.

The price for this kit is 1,280 JPY.


We actually bought these for our parent and friends. They all like it!

Beer glass made of ice
Beer glass made of ice


Wouldn't this be a fun idea for the next hot autumn days?

Sitting in the garden and refreshing yourself after work.. (O-tone Homer Simpson: "Hmmmmm Beeeeeeeer".)


I think it's a fun idea and somehow typical Japan!

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