Kamen Rider Wizard (may) come to your home over X'mas ( possibly by a train)!

Kamen Rider Wizard Christmas campaign
Kamen Rider Wizard Christmas campaign

As a kid I was hoping to see Kamen rider and Draemon in real.


Since last year Bandai started a very cool campaign. The real Kamen Rider Wizard will come to our house( not overseas unfortunately) on this Christmas.


To win this great chance we need to apply for the Bandai Premium membership and among the applicatoins only 3 lukcy ones can really welcome the rider at home.


The campaign has a little disclaimer saying "the rider shall not come wth the rider bike" and "if any problem happens e.g. earthquake, the rider may not be able to come". 


Due to the traffic in Japan even the super hero may need to take a JR Yamanote line!


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