Shizukanaru Don - Yakuza Side Story ends 8th of Jan, 2013

Shizukanararu Don comic front page
Shizukanararu Don comic front page

There are mangas you usually find in old( sometimes and dirty) cafe or ramen shops in local areas of Japan. Oishinbo "The Gourmet" by Akira Hanasaki, What's Michael by Makoto Kobayashi and Shizukanaru Don "Meaning Calmed boss but in English title Yakuza Side Story" by Nitta Tatsuo.


Nitta told he would finish the manga in Dec, 2012. The manga started since 1988 and being 108 books with 1175 episodes published.


I have never finished reading the whole story of these mangas as I only happened to read them though, I really like them.


The basic story is Shizuya Kondo, a Yakuza boss, working at an under wear called "Pretty" day time and working as the Yakuza boss night time. It is kinda a super man that the main character is weak usually but becomes a strong in some situations where people need help.


I liked esp. the movies of Shizukanaru Don series by Teruyuki Kagawa starring. When I was watching these movies, Kagawa was not famous. Now he is almost all movies released in Japan and see him at least once a day on TV!


If you have not read this manga, I recommend you to get it or read it in some local cafe or ramen shop in Japan!


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