Hay fever, Watch out for this spring in Japan!!

Do you usually suffer from the hay fever? Many of team Kaeru do. Some do not want to go out, or having the non-stop runny nose etc.

The ministry of the environment of Japan announced on 25th of January, 2013 the amount of pollen, a main cause of hay fever, will be more than average this year in Japan. 

The spring season in Japan is one of the most beautiful seasons to visit. We have cherry blossom ( "sakura" in Japanese ), warm weather and great blue sky, many drinking parties under the sakura tree called Hanami ( meaning " watching flower (party)" in Japanese). 

These are all bright sides of April and May in Japan. 

The ugly side of this season is the hay fever. Some people have a constant runny nose and itchy eyes. People suffering from this here usually wear masks and some goggles to avoid the pollen.


Some may even look like a Japanese Darth Vader!


Usually the hay fever area begins around early Feb in some part in Yamaguchi prefecture and reaches the Tohoku and Hokkaido early March.


Do you have also a hay fever problem in your country? How do you protect yourself?


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