sun set in Tokyo 10 march 2011
This was taken just before the sun set on 10th March, 2011 never be able to expect that the next day the world would change the way we live and think forever. Team Kaeru never forgets this sunset.

Today is the unforgettable day 3.11.


We would like to share one experience of the team Kaeru on that day. He used to work for a foreign company and sometimes in Japan on his business. On the day he was in Ginza. Just after he had lunch with his clients he took the Ginza line towards Shibuya where he would meet another team Kaeru member.


At Aoyama-icchome the train stopped as usual at the station but it took a long time to move on. He heard the announcement in the train saying there is an extensive level of earthquake. He ran out of the train and went up to the big crossing near Honda HQ. He could feel the land shake. People outside looked shocked and did not move, some crying. Then one big shock hit Tokyo. He could barely keep standing. He saw a 10 meter antenna on one building moving like crazy.


After the land shake stopped he was wondering how the other Kaeru team member feeling in Shibuya. He knew it would be a long way but determined to walk towards Shibuya on Aoyama dori/street for the team member. On his way he noticed several scenes shown in the photos below. Then the 2nd shock hit Tokyo. People who were in the buildings after the 1st one ran out again. He could see many just standing without knowing what to do on the Aoyama dori where the cars go usually.All looked so confused wondering what really happened.


Although it took several hours, these team Kaeru members could get reunited in Shibuya because they let each other know where to meet almost every hour, they could finally meet. The chaos continued afterwards...


On this incident we noticed the incredible power of nature which human beings could do little about.


At the same time we also noticed the incredible power of human beings who helped each other in such an uncertain and difficult time.


Team Kaeru hereby express our deepest condolence/sadness for those who affected by this earthquake and aftermath nuclear incident.


We shall never forget the fact even now people in Tohoku are fighting against the difficulty caused by this. 


road cracked honda office in tokyo
Right after the 1st shock in Tokyo, Nearby Honda HQ in Aoyama
disaster 3.11 in tokyo
The air conditioner's outside equipment almost fell off
shibuya 3.11 2011
3.11 in Shibuya at this moment we were yet aware of the extent of this disaster
supermarket after big earthquake
Next days all foods were gone from the rack in super markets

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