Popular Item MokuLock from Yamagata Japan

mokulock wood block from japan
Source: Newtech Shinsei, Mokulock official page

Do you love LEGO? I was a big fan of it and still have a mountain of it.


Recently we have several orders of this product from overseas. It is called MokuLock ( wooden block).


This is 100% natural wood. This company located in Yamagata prefecture and uses the tree there to make this. As the name of prefecture Yama=mountain suggests the place is full of nature.


You can use this product like LEGO but seem even healthier than the plastic LEGO. In this mordern life where kids have less chance to touch the nature, this product seems great fit for kids and as the sent of wood said to relax the minds, for also adult.


The product line is very simple.


Basic or seasonal blocks.


Basic one will have various types (like maple) of wood block 50 pieces 2835JPY 


Seasonal one is this year cherry tree. 50 pieces 3500JPY


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