Cute Cube Harajuku Open this Sept

Cute Cube Harajuku in takeshita dori image
Cute Cube Harajuku in Takeshita Dori Source: Mitsubishi Corp
Cute Cube Harajuku close up  Mitsubishi Corp
Cute Cube Harajuku close up Source: Mitsubishi Corp

Were you in Takeshita-dori in Harajuku? There you see the latest fashion or strange Japanese style fashion.


In this must visit street for tourists there has been a construction going on for some time and team Kaeru was wondering what it will become of.


Today's news paper announced this will be a 3 story and one basement shopping mall for fashion savvy young people. The name will be Cute Cube Harajuku. It plans to open on 6th of September, 2013. 


The sub-brand of H&M MONKI will open in this mall as well as around 10 other clothes and accessory shops and restaurants.


Will you like such a big building in Takeshita-dori or you prefer small cosy shops..


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