Uchoten Kazoku last episode special event / 1st volume Blu-ray DVD on sale

uchoten kazoku last episode
Source: Tomihiko Morimi, Gentosha
uchoten kazoku last episode special event
Special give away clear folder at the event, Source: Tomihiko Morimi, Gentosha

Uchoten Kazoku last episode special event / 1st volume Blu-ray DVD on sale


Do you watch Uchoten Kazoku ( The Eccentric Family ) ? One of team Kaeru members lived in Kyoto and because this animation based in Kyoto it has been one of our favorites.


This animation Uchoten Kazoku, based on the manga by Tomihiko Morimi will come to an end on 29th of September, 2013.


The live event to watch all of the past episodes and the last episode will be held on 28th of September, 2013 at Toho Cinemas Roppongi, Tokyo.



Not only you can watch the last episode one day before the TV on air at this event, you will see the creator Tomihiko Morimi and the main actors Mai Nakahara the voice for Yashiro Shimogamo, Ayane Sakura the voice for Kaisei Ebisugawa and more!!


And you will get the special Uchoten Kazoku item at the envet (pictured above).


The special website for this event is here


Reservation: via Toho Cinemas ticket purchase website, 11th of September, 2013 start to sell

Date/time: 28th of September, 2013/21:30 starts

Entrance fee: 3500JPY

Venue: Toho Cinemas Roppongi


Good news for Uchoten Kazoku fans, the Blu-ray and DVD of the first volume will be on sale. Blu-ray version 5040JPY(incl. tax) and DVD version 3990JPY(incl. tax) will be on sale on 25th of September, 2013.


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