DIR EN GREY's Kyo Form a New Band (UPDATED in 2017)

sukekiyo, the new band formed by Kyo
sukekiyo, the new band formed by Kyo

DIR EN GREY's Kyo Form a New Band

DIR EN GREY's Kyo Form a New Band


The vocalist of DIR EN GREY, Kyo, forms a new band called sukekiyo. (formed in Oct, 2013. Updated in March, 2017. New song released in Feb, 2017)


It performed without disclosing its identity at Luna Sea's Sugizo's live at Dec, 2013. Kyo was said to be planning the formation of this band for 3, 4 years before. He wanted to create something different working with different people rather than trying to create different music (with Dir En Grey).


Band name comes from the character from the famous Japanese mystery novel " Inugami Family " by Yokomizo Seishi.


Their first song video plans to be distributed via iTunes Store in 111 countries on 1st of January, 2014.


The band released further:

the demons's cutlery in Dec, 2013,

IMMORTALIS in April, 2014,

sukekiyo 2014 live "wakare wo oshimu huri ha anata no tame" in Oct, 2014,

VITIUM in Feb, 2015,

mimizozo in Nov, 2015,

ANIMA in April, 2016,

sukekiyo 2016 live "ratai to yugu, doroshibai ni sanga no uta" in Dec, 2016,

and "Aoguroi Hysteria, Feb, 2017.


DVDs are also selling. [ PERSUASIO // 2015.2.28 sukekiyo 2015 live 「The Unified Field」 -VITIUM- ] and [ MUTANS // 2016.7.17 sukekiyo 2016 live ].



sukekiyo band member list

Diclosed members of sukekiyo are:


Vocal: Kyo

Guitar/Piano: Takumi (from Rentrer en Soi)

Guitar: UTA (from Laypua, Layarch, 9GOATS BLACK OUT)

Bass: YUCHI (from Silhouette, kannivalism, k@mikaze, THE LIDEE, WING WORKS )

Drums: Mika (from Mistia, Lucifer, Rcradle, Rentrer en Soi, forbidden days)


sukekiyo goes parallel with DIR EN GREY.


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The band's official site is open here.


Sukekiyo CDs and DVDS

Shop selling DIR en Grey

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