Best 10 Sweets Souvenirs in Japan (based on Japanese people’s opinion)

Best 10 Sweets Souvenirs in Japan (based on Japanese people’s opinion)

Best 10 Sweets Souvenirs in Japan (based on Japanese people’s opinion)


Do you know Japan has a gift culture? It means that when you go on travel to somewhere, you usually bring some local gifts to your family, friends and even to colleagues at office (if you work in Japan, after some holiday seasons, you suddenly see some box of sweets next to the coffee machine in the office or so.). 


Young people do not follow this tradition much any more but if you want to be traditional in Japan, you can buy some. 


The Research arm of J Cast,  J-Town published the research result: 10 best souvenirs Japanese would love to receive in 2015. For your trip to Japan, you can take the list into consideration.


The research is from 2015 but no latest info in 2016 and 2017.  We can say this list more or less represents the most famous souvenirs in Japan.


<<With a new regulation on the tax free rule in Japan, you may enjoy some tax favour on your purchase during your trip in Japan (updated on 2nd of May, 2016).>>

No. 1  Hagi no Tsuki from Miyagi prefecture

Inside is a sweet cream covered with a sponge cake. Our recommendation is to eat this with milk.

No. 2 Shiroi Koibito from Hokkaido

This is what many of our Chinese colleagues ask us to get when we travel to China. It has delicious white chocolates. You must try it!

No.3  Akafuku (sticky rice with red bean pastes) from Mie prefecture

Amazing with milk (in our opinion). Sticky rice ball - mochi inside. You use a wooden plate which usually comes with the box to scoop it and eat it!


( We tried to find some eCommerce link for Akafuku but could not...sorry!)

No.4 Shingenmochi from Yamanashi prefecture

You love "kinako (yellow bean)" powder? You love a mochi/stick rice? And love brown sugar? This is a great thing for you. This company also sells ice cream version of this item. It also tastes wonderful.

No. 5 Hato sable from Kanagawa prefecture

Parents or aunts buy and bring these to you when they go to Kamakura area. We loved it so much. It is simple and tasty.

No. 6 Yatsuhashi from Kyoto prefecture


Price:540JPY (incl. tax, excl. shipping cost)

You get it almost 100% when you visit Kyoto. The most famous souvenir from Kyoto. It is not too much to say that it represents Kyoto! There are several tastes available but the basic - red bean paste / anko tastes best. 

No.7  Tokyo Banana from Tokyo

敬老の日 ギフト 銀のぶどう【東京ばな奈「見ぃつけたっ」8個入り】【クレジット決済のみ】【東...

Tokyo Banana
Price:1,780JPY (incl. tax, excl. shipping cost)

Our usual when we travel to Osaka. We get these at Tokyo station 5-10 boxes as gifts!

No. 8    Unagi pie from Shizuoka prefecture

夜のお菓子といえば、これ♪♪ 【春華堂】うなぎパイ 12枚入(箱入り)<ウナギパイ・お土産...

Shokado Unagi Pie
Price:1,620JPY (incl. tax, excl. shipping cost)

Unagi = eel pie (the fish looking like a snake).

Probably it is because our grand parents are from the area close to Shizuoka. The taste brings back our childhood memory.

Btw, it does not taste like eel at all.

No. 9 Momiji manju from Hiroshima prefecture

やまだ屋 もみじ饅頭 送料込み もみじまんじゅう 広島全員集合!15個入やまだ屋 もみじ饅頭 ...

Yamadaya Momiji Manju
Price:2,100JPY (incl. tax and shipping cost(only in Japan))

Maple shaped manju / ban. Tastes great with milk!

No. 10 Hiyoko from Fukuoka prefecture

We eat this sometimes. It looks cute and tastes great. We actually did not know this is from Fukuoka.

Honorable mentions

Royce' chocolates

We also get requested to get these a lot. Their raw chocolate (nama-choco) tastes so great.

jaga pokkuru

Potato snack from Hokkaido. This one is not sweet. It tastes like french fries. We put this here because many foreign friends asked us to get these.

Found your gifts from Japan?

These are the gifts Japanese chose as their favorite. What about yours?

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Source: J-Town news


Disclaimer: Even though we try to make the info as updated and accurate but the accuracy of the information herein is not guaranteed by us. If you have any uncertainty, please contact the information source. All the shops we introduce here are just examples we found online by random search. We do NOT support these shops for their integrity or authenticity. We shall have NO responsibility whatsoever as to any isssue or problem regarding your use of or purchase from such shops.

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