New Tax Free Regulation and How to get it in Japan

New Tax Free Regulations in Japan

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan (MLIT) announced as of 1st of May, 2016 that the total value to enjoy the tax free (consumption tax and other tax like VAT) for the general product(一般物品) and consumable product (消耗品) lower. 


Now the foreign travelers can enjoy duty free for the product(s) with the total value of 5000JPY or more. If you buy several souvenirs with value of 5000JPY in total (let us say, you buy 3000JPY Jeans and 2000JPY T-shirts), you get tax free with your passport.


Formally the values were more than 10,000JPY (i.e. not including 10,000JPY) for general product and more than 5000JPY (i.e. not including 5000JPY) for consumable product from one shop per day.



The examples of consumable product (消耗品): Something you can consume within 6 month. Foods (check out the popular food gifts in Japan), Beverage including alcohol, Cosmetics, medicine, batteries, film (for camera etc.), cigarette


The examples of general product(一般物品): Something other than consumable product. Electronic devices, Jewelries, watches, bag, clothes, Kimono, craft goods.


We notice the popular products from Japan for travelers are the following:



Train Chopsticks
Price: 648JPY (incl. tax and excl. shipping cost)

Kitchen Knife

TOJIRO kitchen knife 270mm 
Price: 17280JPY (incl. tax and excl. shipping cost)

Iron Teapot

Nambu Iron teapot 1.2L
Price: 38880JPY(incl. tax excl. shipping cost)


PRICE:35640円(incl. tax and shipping cost in Japan excl. shipping cost to overseas)

How to Enjoy Tax Free?

How can you get the tax free? You just bring your passport (and boarding ticket just in case). Be careful. You can NOT use a photo copy of passport. No other ID allowed.



NOTE: even if you are a foreigner, if you live or work in Japan or stay in Japan longer than 6 months, you can not get the tax free treatment. "Duty free" and "tax free" are different. The former means custom tax free regarding to the timing when you come back to your country and the latter, VAT etc. free where you do not pay the taxes normal residents in Japan usually pay. For details, please contact MLIT.


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Source: MILT website



Disclaimer: Even though we try to make the info as updated and accurate but the accuracy of the information herein is not guaranteed by us. If you have any uncertainty, please contact the information source. All the shops we introduce here are just examples we found online by random search. We do NOT support these shops for their integrity or authenticity. We shall have NO responsibility whatsoever as to any isssue or problem regarding your use of or purchase from such shops.

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