Where Can We get Full in Tokyo, Japan? Big Sashimi


Saitou ( さいとう )

One of Onegai Kaeru team members went around Tokyo in search of cheap and big food when he was a hungry and poor student. He has a quite good list of places for that!


If you come to Japan, you need to eat some fish. And if you can eat fish, you should eat "sashimi (raw fish slice)". Sashimi costs fortune outside of Japan and it still costs something in Japan. We found one place where you can eat a lot of sashimi at a quite reasonable price. We were there several times and we felt for the first time that we would not want to eat any more sashimi!


Continued from the previous article on "Where Can We Get Full" in Nara, we will show you where you can get a mountain of raw fish in Tokyo.


The place is situated in a bit complicating place. Follow the map carefully. You need to walk from Uguisudani for 10 mins (or 3 min walk from Iriya station) and line up for 10-40mins. In the winter you get some warm drink while waiting- a sweet service.


Please note that these places may have their rules about the food such as if you can not finish eating it, you may need to pay some penalty. Please order with caution!

Kaisen don Gu no Omori Betsuzara (海鮮丼具の大盛別皿)
Kaisen don Gu no Omori Betsuzara (海鮮丼具の大盛別皿) Source: Tabelog

What to order

Kaisen don Gu no Omori Betsuzara (海鮮丼具の大盛別皿) You get the sashimi separated from rice (we usually order this).




Kaisen don Gu no Omori (海鮮丼具の大盛) You get sashimi on the rice.]


Price: 1050 JPY


You can choose the size/type (normal or with vinegar like Sushi rice) of rice and it is all you can eat rice (not sashimi of course)!


Kaisen don Gu no Omori (海鮮丼具の大盛) You get sashimi on the rice.) Are you really ready for this?
Kaisen don Gu no Omori (海鮮丼具の大盛) You get sashimi on the rice. Are you really ready for this? Source: Tabelog

Basic Info

Name: Saitou  ("さいとう" in Japanese) 


Address: 2 Chome-9-7 Shitaya, Taitō-ku, Tōkyō-to 110-0004 (東京都台東区下谷2-9-7)

10 min walk from Uguisudani station (JR Yamanote line)

3 min walk from Iriya station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya line)



Opening hour: 11:30 AM-14:00 ( and 17:00-21:00 NOTE: you do not get the cheap deal in dinner time. If cheap and big food, just go for lunch! )


Closed: Sunday and national holiday

Tel: 03-3873-7321

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Source: Wikipedia, each restaurant's official website, Tabelog


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