Japan Government Warn Pokemon Go User in Japan

Source: Pokemon
Source: Pokemon
Source: NISC
Source: NISC

Pokemon GO seems like to be released based on Kaeru team's prediction. The actual reason for the delay in Japan seems to be what we predicted.


Prior to its release, National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity ( NISC ), a government body of Japan, issues safety instruction for the Pokemon GO users called "Our wish for Every Pokemon Trainer ( みんなへおねがい♪ )" on 20th of July. This is exactly what we predicated as well.


The government and Nintendo seem to have studied the incidents overseas with this GPS based game and made this announcement. This is for kid to cover the basic safety rules for such a game.


The instruction covers:

1. Protect personal information

Do not use the real name and Do not take and publish phone of something close to your address.

2. Watch out for scam apps, cheat tool

To avoid malware, only install from the official website.


3. Install a weather app

Pay attention to the weather forecast and take rest from time to time. Weather can change abruptly esp. afternoon in summer with lightening storm  etc. in Japan.

4. Be careful with Heat stroke

Playing under the strong sun, make sure to drink and take rest.

5. Bring the external battery

Smartphone uses up its battery easily with this game. Always have one or two external battery(ies) with you even it is heavy!

6. Carry telephone card or coin just in case need to use a public phone

In case the smartphone's battery dries up, carry some coins or so to use a public telephone in case of emergency

7. Do not enter somewhere dangerous

Better play around the area familiar to you and also do not approach anywhere looking unsafe such as river, cliff, ocean, forest etc. without parental guidance.

8. Be careful with people who try to meet online/offline

Sexual offenders are everywhere and watch out for these criminals. Be with parents and call police immediately as soon as see anyone suspicious. 

9. Do not use the smartphone while walking

Very basic!

What NISC Warning Did Not Cover?

What the warning did not cover is the internet contract issue. Pokémon GO player go outside with no WIFI. Check the internet usage limit on the contract and increase it if you need. Many of you in Japan tend to have 4-5GB usage limit with your carriers. It depends how hard you play though, you may hit the limit and the connection shall be slowed down by the carriers.


One idea is that if you are with a big carrier like Docomo, AU (KDDI) or Softbank paying 4000-8000JPY per month, consider AEON mobile or Rakuten Mobile which cut your smartphone payment drastically (to 1000-2000JPY for similar or even better deal) in Japan ( if you have a SIM free smartphone from overseas, you can get a SIM card plan ( Note: check your compatibility)). 

For example, you can get Pokémon GO Plus, a watch like device as below to put on your wrist to notify you when Pokémon is around or events taking place.

Pokémon GO Plus use bluetooth to notify you of any Pokémon around you Source: Pokemon official website
Pokémon GO Plus use bluetooth to notify you of any Pokémon around you Source: Pokemon official website

Play safe!!! (when it is released in Japan...)

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Source: Wikipedia, NICS website, Pokemon Official website


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