Obituary: Fujio Tokita

Obituary: Fujio Tokita

Fujio Tokita in Japan's old story ANIMATION

Obituary: Fujio Tokita passed away on 18th of July, 2018.


 People may not know his name but basically everyone in Japan knows his voice.


He is known for the voice in Nihon Mukashibanashi (Japan's old story, once upon a time) animation, one of the best known animation series on TV since 1975 with his partner, Etsuko Ichihara. When we were kids, we always looked forward this program on TV on Sunday.


He was born in Nagano pref in 1937. 


He was 81 year old. He also did the voice of Pom in Laputa, the castle in the sky by Ghibli.

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