Japan Voice Actor News: Gintama Ends 15 year History


Japan Voice Actor News: Gintama Ends 15 year History

Gintama legend

Last night we were at a McDonald and there was the advertisements of Gintama for its new real life movie "Gintama 2" and DVD.


The character was joking that Gintama has been one of the most popular mangas in Weekly Jump yet not no. 1 but around no. 6.


That time, we never thought of this news... This morning we were shocked to hear this news. 


Samurai manga Gintama started in December, 2003. The 74 Manga editions so far. Its circulation is more than 55,000,000! The TV animation also started since April 2006.


It was in the final season from July, 2016.


Gintama ends on 15th Of September, 2018.

Hideaki Sorachi

The 15 year old popular manga ends, announced the creator Hideaki Sorachi on 20th August, 2018.


Hideaki was born in Hokkaido on 25 May, 1979. He decided to be a manga creator after he saw the last scene of the Ghibli Laputa the Castle in the Sky. His most favorite Ghibli movie is "Kiki's delivery". 


He loved Dragon Ball and Slam dunk. His inspiration for his work came rather a different area. It is a world of comedy. His favorite comedian is "DownTown".


Did you know?

Did you know his editors in Weekly Magazine thought his manga could not last long at first..? Against the prediction his manga became so popular.


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What is your opinion?

What do you think about this news? What is your favorite episode of Gintama? Share with us your view!


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