Where is Potato Shop Run by Dog in Japan?

Where is Potato Shop Run by Dog in Japan?

Source: Mainichi News


Everyone loves Shiba dog ("Shiba-ken" in Japanese), right?


What if there is a shop run by the dog? In the country where robots operate the hotels, this may not be too strange.


In Hokkaido, a north island of Japan, there is a sweet potato shop run by a dog! 


The shop is open since Nov, 2018. The local TV station featured it in 2019 which made it quite known to many Japanese. Today many foreign tourists even visit there.


The dog is called "Ken" 4 years old (2020). 


The story started like this. Mr. Murayama, the owner of service for disabled people, made baked sweet potatoes for his employees and also offered the potatoes for  the people in the nearby nursing home who really loved it. He decided to set up a shop in his building area and appointed Ken, the shiba dog, as the shop keeper.


As of Feb 2020, the sweet potato is 200 JPY (2USD).


Some part of the sales goes to the pet protection organization as charity. Mr. Murayama may want to expand his "shop chain" to more locations in Hokkaido.

Can dog eat sweet potato?

So this dog is selling sweet potato.


Many of us, humans, love sweet potato, right?


Can the dog eat the sweet potato?


Well, many dog lovers say they can.

But if you want to give to your dog, make sure the sweet potato is cooked but not hot, otherwise it can burn the tongue.


Also, please note that if your dog has a lever problem, you better not feed the sweet potato to the dog. 

shop details

Name: Inu no Yakiimo-ya-san

Open: 11:00AM - 15:00 (The dog is on break 12:00 - 13:00)

Address: 1 Chome-15-11 Kiyota 2 Jo, Kiyota Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 004-0842, Japan

Website: http://inu-yakiimo.com/  (under construction as of Jan, 2020)

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