Where Can You Buy and Sell Deadstock in Corona Pandemic?

Where Can You Buy and Sell Piling up Deadstock in Corona Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic affecting so many business around the globe.


For example, a meat supplier told us that the event they usually supply has been cancelled because of the corona and they are full of deadstock. If they can not sell, they have to get rid of their meats.


The key word is "do not let corona kill your biz".


Some companies are asking if there is any place they can sell to the potential buyers.


There is the market for those business who are affected by the coronavirus to sell their deadstock at a lower than market price and for those who want to buy to help. This platform connects the potential seller and buyer anywhere in the world.


It is on the facebook, the name is Coronavirus Deadstock Market(CDM). Please share and spread this initiative to the world.

How CDM this work?

If you have product to sell

If you are seller, please describe your situation in this corona pandemic, exact address, contact information, product photos, your own photo and delivery term.


Please post all necessary information in the group. You must make sure your price is far lower than normal price to clear up your inventory.


Better to deal with a buyer only in your country or area. 

If you want to buy

If you are buyer, please use the comment of the facebook to the relevant post to request to buy.


Better to deal with a seller only in your country or area.

Where can you sell your deadstock in this corona pandemic?
Where can you sell your deadstock in this corona pandemic?

What you need to be careful with

The platform takes no commission.


The group is purely to help those affected by the corona virus.


Therefore, they do NOT take any responsibility for the items and any issue which may occur. No product liability.


If you want to sell or buy, better only deal with those who are in your country or area. International shipping is not easy and also you should not put any more pressure on the international logistics. And moreover, it will be so hard for you to solve any problem if occurs!


This idea is great to help business around the world in this terrible time. The concept is great.


Please share this.

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