Is this the Most Innovative Face Mask?

Is this the Most Innovative Face Mask?

the mask problems

Despite some oppositions, it has become a common sense to have to wear masks in the Covid 19 era to not only protect yourself but also others.


Even though this pandemic is a new concept for most part of our generation but in the human history there have been many pandemics and plagues which cost unbelievable number of lives. You still see some photos and pictures of the people back then wearing masks. We must learn from the previous generation what most likely worked.


When we go out, we usually wear mask when people are around. We do not wear when people are not around even in the city. If you are sitting in a restaurant, you want to wear it but if you are hiking in mountains, it is a ridiculous idea to wear it.


Not too much to say that putting on and taking off mask has become our part of life.


Then we started seeing "mask problems"....


Ever have had these experiences?

Realized that you forgot to bring a mask in front of a restaurant, supermarket etc.


Today most of the public venues ask you to wear masks e.g. shops, restaurant, cafe, cinema. It is not strange these venues reject you if you do not wear it. It is because we have been so used to living WITHOUT MASK, we arrive at the venue and realize that you did not bring your mask! You try to find one in your pocket or bag even though you already know that you do not have it. Or you would ask your friend if she/he has any extra mask. You will run to a nearby shop trying to find mask.

Could not find your mask in your bag


So you carry your mask in your bag. Before you enter a venue, you start searching for your mask. You put your hand for 5 mins, you do not find it. You know in the Covid 19 time, you do not want to touch many things with your bare hand. After a while you finally find one squashed in the corner of the bag with some dust. 

You put your mask in your pocket and took some walk, then you realized the mask was gone!


You take a walk with your mask in your pocket. So now you arrive at your destination. You need to wear mask. You reach to your pocket and do not find it! You already realized that you lost it on your way but you do not want to believe it. Just in are in panic searching every pocket and every corner of the pockets. After 5 mins, you admit that you lost it.


Most common scene everyone on this plant see in this period of the time are the masks on the streets. 



Here is one simple solution for all of these.


It is this hand made SALZ mask and belt set.


Basically you carry your mask which is attachable to this special belt. You can put the belt to your arm, wrist, rucksack, handbag, ankle or anything.


The velcro type material enables you to put on and off the mask so easily. Amazing part is that you can also use your existing mask to put to the belt (just a bit more difficulty than the official mask). 


You can order this from this official website. 

Isnt it brilliant?  Source: official website
Isnt it brilliant? Source: official website

Innovation happens in the hard time. Innovation saves people since the beginning of our history. Here is one great innovation happening.

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