Buy Japanese Company - Hotel in Japan - M&A Target Info from Japan

Buy Japanese Company - Hotel in Japan - M&A Target Info from Japan

Many companies on sale right now in Japan

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We support M&A in many countries. 


On request, we find the target company to buy or sell.  


Do you want to enter Japan market? One of the easiest ways is to buy a company in Japan. 


On June 18th 2024, U.S. investment fund Blackstone announced that it will acquire Infocom, the company behind the digital manga distribution site "Mecha Comic." The total acquisition amount is 275.6 billion yen. Blackstone will conduct a public tender offer at 6,060 yen per share and will also purchase approximately 57% of Infocom's shares from Teijin, which currently holds that stake.


After the corona pandemic, there are many businesses going bankrupt or civil rehabilitation proceedings in Japan.


One of the biggest fashion companies called RENOWN (already owned by a Chinese company) filed for bankruptcy, White Bear - a major travel agency and also Air Asia LCC was out of business in 2020.


It is usually our recommendation that you buy a company from bankruptcy or equivalent.  Why? It is because you can acquire a company at a very good price and the debt is normally reduced by 90%.


We have had some cases where the owners want to sell their company at 1JPY (less than 10 cent).


Of course, this is not for somebody who do not understand the business. There are reasons why these companies were not doing well and the owner needed to give up. 


How we help? If you want to buy, we find target companies to buy. If you want to sell, we find a company which may be interested in investing in your company. We work with our accountant and legal firms which can carry out due diligence.


We share some examples of the companies you can or could buy. In this section, we focus on hotels and ryokans (inn), hostels often with hot springs.


If you are interested, you can contact us any time.


Please note that all of these hotels are not necessarily for sales. Some hotels found already new owners.


Here are the list of hotel/Japanese inn companies which went out of business in 2020 in Japan:

Japanese inn/hotel/ryokan for sales (sold out)

  • KOSCOINN in Aichi, owned 17 hotels in Ibaragi, Kagoshima etc.
  • Hokkai Kanko in Mie operating Hotel Hokkai
  • Aomori Kokusai hotel in Aomori, 67 room hotel in Aomori. 1.6bil JPY debt.
  • Mizuho hotel & resorts management in Tokyo.
  • River Side Hotel Sansui in Oita
  • Chikujokan in Fukuoka. Started as Japanese inn in 1909. 280mil JPY debt.
  • Saku Ichimanri Onsen Hotel Golden Century est. in 1967. 2nd biggest hotel in Saku city, Nagano.
  • Kazuno Park Hotel in Kazuno city, Akita. Azuno Planning announced to buy the hotel. 500mil JPY debt.
  • Kyoto Central Inn, 138 room hotel in the centre of Kyoto city. 300 mil JPY sales in 2017. 180mil JPY debt.
  • Inter City hotel Hakusan in Hakusan city, Ishikawa. BBH hotel group bought it and renamed it to Hotel Hakusan Hills.
  • Ryokan Ryoshi no Sato, 9 room Japanese inn in Kumamoto.
  • Royal Oak Resort hotel in Shiga 3.1bil JPY sales in 2014. No sponser.
  • Takada Castle Hotel, 23 rooms, Joetsu city, Niigata.
  • Kunugi Daira hotel in Nihonmatsu city, Fukushima, 70 room hotel.
  • Angelique Heian in Kumamoto.
  • WBF hotels & resorts in Osaka 4.7bil JPY sales in 2019. Hoshino resorts announced to own this company.
  • Fast Cabin and its subsidiaries in hostel style inns in major cities in Japan
  • Inariyama Onsen Hotel Kyosenkaku in Nagano.
  • Hagi Ground Hotel Tenku, Hagi city, Yamaguchi. The biggest hotel in Hagi city.
  • Travel Sirius in Okayama.
  • Kimuraya, old Japanese inn est. 1688.
  • Hoshitaru Kanko, in Mie.
  • Tomiya ryokan, Hyogo pref. 38 rooms.
  • Hotel Kitafukuro, Hokkaido. 91 rooms. est. 1985.
  • Fujiya hotel, Ibaragi, est. 1962.

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