Revolutionizing Hiring Practices: The Free Job Matching Platform Empowering Foreign Companies and Startups in Japan

talllk, a job finder and scout platform
talllk, a job finder and scout platform

Revolutionizing Hiring Practices: The Free Job Matching Platform Empowering Foreign Companies and Startups in Japan

How to hire in Japan?

Are you a foreign company or startup in Japan struggling to find the right talent?

Navigating the Japanese job market can be challenging, especially for foreign entities trying to recruit top-tier talent. Traditional hiring methods often come with hefty fees, whether it's monthly job postings, recruitment agency commissions, or platform listing fees. Despite investing significant resources, many companies find themselves unable to secure the skilled professionals they need.

In the bustling tech landscape of Japan, where innovation drives success, the demand for exceptional IT engineers is ever-present. Foreign startups, in particular, face the daunting task of building their teams with limited resources and cultural barriers to overcome. Finding the right talent quickly and cost-effectively becomes paramount for their success.

But fear not, as a game-changing solution has emerged to revolutionize the way companies hire in Japan – introducing "talllk" (pronounced as "toruku"), the groundbreaking free job matching platform.

With talllk, foreign companies and startups in Japan can now access a diverse pool of talent without breaking the bank. Gone are the days of draining budgets on expensive job listings and recruitment agencies. This platform offers a cost-effective alternative, allowing businesses to redirect their funds towards growth initiatives and innovation.

Imagine the possibilities: A foreign company establishing its presence in Japan can effortlessly connect with skilled professionals across various industries. Whether it's IT engineers, marketing specialists, or administrative staff, talllk provides a centralized hub for companies to find the perfect fit for their unique needs.

Furthermore, talllk caters to the specific requirements of startups seeking IT engineers. These budding companies often operate under tight budgets and timelines, making traditional hiring processes impractical. With talllk's streamlined interface and direct communication features, startups can expedite their hiring process and onboard talent seamlessly.

The benefits don't end there. talllk's commitment to transparency and accessibility ensures that all companies, regardless of size or budget, have an equal opportunity to find talent. Unlike paid platforms that prioritize high-paying clients, talllk levels the playing field, allowing startups and small businesses to compete on a fair basis.

In addition to its cost-effectiveness, talllk fosters a sense of community and collaboration. By connecting companies directly with candidates, it promotes open dialogue and mutual understanding. This human-centric approach not only accelerates the hiring process but also cultivates long-term relationships between employers and employees.

For foreign companies and startups in Japan, talllk isn't just a job matching platform – it's a catalyst for growth and innovation. By embracing this revolutionary tool, businesses can overcome hiring challenges, build dynamic teams, and thrive in Japan's competitive market.

Join the talllk revolution today and unlock endless possibilities for your company's success in Japan!

talllk help you find and hire in Japan

Introducing talllk, a free job matching platform that's bound to make waves in the recruitment world. Its standout features include:

  • Free and so Easy to use
  • Direct communication between users via chat (Free!)
  • Registration takes as little as 3 minutes
  • Ability for designers and IT engineers to showcase their work
  • Companies can scout and directly reach out to potential hires
  • Option for anonymous usage (not available for companies)
  • International job postings are supported (making it easy to find freelancers abroad)

The list of benefits goes on. Despite being free, talllk boasts a wide range of functionalities not typically found in traditional job platforms or scouting services.

First and foremost, its direct communication feature between users via chat is noteworthy. It transcends mere messaging, serving as a dedicated platform for work-related discussions. Registration is quick and hassle-free, taking only three minutes to complete. Additionally, professionals like designers and IT engineers can tailor their profiles to showcase their portfolios, effectively promoting their work.

Moreover, companies have the ability to scout talent directly, streamlining the recruitment process significantly. This direct approach is crucial for efficient hiring practices. Furthermore, the option for anonymous usage, particularly from the perspective of job seekers, ensures privacy protection—a feature of paramount importance. And with support for international job postings, companies can easily tap into a global talent pool.

From what we've seen, talllk appears to be the ultimate platform for job postings and scouting. And being in its beta version, one can only anticipate further enhancements and features in the future.

Additionally, talllk provides a forum for users to freely discuss work-related concerns or company reputations, fostering community interaction. Particularly for simpler job postings, utilizing the forum could facilitate seamless matching between job seekers and employers.

Now, let us delve into real-world scenarios where foreign companies learned firsthand the costliness of traditional hiring methods in Japan, only to discover the cost-effective solution offered by talllk:


Episode 1: A multinational corporation invested significant resources in posting job ads on various mainstream job platforms in Japan. Despite the hefty expenditure, they struggled to attract suitable candidates for their openings. Feeling frustrated, they decided to explore alternative methods and stumbled upon talllk. Upon utilizing the platform, they found qualified candidates quickly and at no cost, realizing they had been overspending on recruitment all along.


Episode 2: A foreign startup eager to expand its team set up booths at job fairs in Tokyo and Osaka, believing it was the best way to find talent in Japan. However, the costs associated with booth rentals, travel, and promotional materials started to add up. Disheartened by the lack of results, they discovered talllk—a cost-free alternative that connected them directly with skilled professionals without the need for expensive events or intermediaries. They quickly found the talent they needed and saved a considerable amount of money in the process.


These real-life examples underscore the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of talllk in revolutionizing the recruitment process for foreign companies and startups in Japan.

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    John H (Thursday, 09 May 2024 15:17)

    This is amazing job matching platform in Japan. Our company can use it for free!! We recommend this to anyone who wants to hire in this country!!