Shueisha Unveils Revamped Release of 'Learning Manga: World History' Series in Celebration of Its Centennial

Source: Irasutoya
Source: Irasutoya

Shueisha Unveils Revamped Release of 'Learning Manga: World History' Series in Celebration of Its Centennial

Shueisha, a prominent Japanese publishing company renowned for its diverse manga publications, announced on the 23rd the revitalization of its long-beloved series, "Learning Manga: World History."


This series, which combines the enjoyment of manga with educational content, is set to undergo a comprehensive overhaul for the first time in 22 years, coinciding with Shueisha's upcoming centennial celebration. The entire 18-volume collection is slated for release on October 4th.


In characteristic Shueisha fashion, the cover illustrations for all 18 volumes will be crafted by esteemed manga artists from the company's lineup of popular titles. Each volume's cover will feature a depiction of a prominent historical figure emblematic of its respective era.


Noteworthy contributions include Yasuhisa Hara, creator of "Kingdom," portraying "Ramses II" in the inaugural volume, and Hirohiko Araki, the mastermind behind "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure," illustrating "Napoleon Bonaparte" in the tenth volume. Other celebrated artists such as Kozueko Morimoto, Io Sakisaka, Masanori Morita, Tatsuya Endo, and Shinichi Sakamoto will also lend their talents to the series.


If you are a fan of any of these manga artists, you want to get the volume. (Please be aware that these artists only put the cover illustrations, not the entire story!)


This ambitious revision of "Learning Manga: World History" is part of Shueisha's grand commemoration of its centennial milestone, slated for 2026. As a nod to the changing times, the format has transitioned from its previous large hardcover iteration to a more portable softcover edition. Furthermore, the series will incorporate recent global developments, including the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the military tensions in Palestine, ensuring its relevance in today's world.


Each volume of the series will delve into a distinct historical theme, providing readers with a captivating journey through various epochs. By aligning with the evolving educational landscape, the series emphasizes cross-disciplinary themes like "Global History" and encourages inquiry-based learning, in accordance with the revised curriculum guidelines. Notably, a significant portion of the series will focus on modern and contemporary history, addressing topics frequently encountered in academic examinations.


As Shueisha gears up to celebrate a century of literary excellence and cultural influence, "Learning Manga: World History" stands as a testament to the company's commitment to fostering both entertainment and education through the captivating medium of manga. With its diverse roster of manga artists and comprehensive coverage of historical events and figures, this revitalized series promises readers an enriching and immersive exploration of human civilization's rich tapestry.


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Source: Irasutoya
Source: Irasutoya

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