Many Fake Akita Dogs?: How Can You Tell if They're Real?

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Source: Irasutoya
Source: Irasutoya

blockchain dog certificate

Do you remember the Hollywood version of Hachi?


Originating from Japan's Akita Prefecture, these majestic canines have captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. However, as the demand for Akita dogs grows, so does the risk of fraudulent practices, including the production of counterfeit pedigree certificates. Reports of counterfeit certificates remain relatively rare but underscore the need for robust certification methods to ensure the authenticity of Akita dogs.


The broader challenge lies in the potential loss of pedigree documentation over time. As owners relocate or misplace paperwork, verifying the authenticity of an Akita dog becomes increasingly difficult, casting doubt on its lineage and health history.


While reports of counterfeit certificates are infrequent, they highlight the importance of reliable certification methods. In a country like China, the popularity of the breed has allegedly led to instances of fraudulent documentation, threatening the integrity of the Akita lineage.



Blockchain-Based Certification: A Promising Solution:

Recognizing the need for a reliable certification system, the Akita Dog Preservation Society, in partnership with Meta Akita and an US company Airroom, has introduced blockchain-based digital pedigree certificates. This innovative approach leverages blockchain technology to create an immutable and transparent record of an Akita dog's lineage.


Potential Benefits of Blockchain Certification:

- Enhanced Security: Blockchain technology ensures the integrity of pedigree records, making them resistant to tampering or forgery.

- Transparency: Decentralized identifiers (DID) and verifiable credentials (VC) enhance the transparency and trustworthiness of pedigree certificates.

- Convenience: Owners can easily access and manage digital certificates through user-friendly mobile applications, reducing the risk of loss or damage.


Source: Irasutoya
Source: Irasutoya

Japanese dog types

There are several "Japanese" dogs.


Besides the Akita dog, Japan boasts several other notable dog breeds, each with its own unique characteristics and history. The Shiba Inu, the only small-sized breed among Japanese dogs and maybe better known as cryptocurrency to the world, embodies the quintessential traits of a Japanese canine in a compact form. Renowned for its alertness and agility, the Shiba Inu commands attention wherever it goes.


The Kishu dog, with its rustic charm and robust build, hails from the Kii Peninsula, particularly the Kumano and Nachi regions. Originally bred as hunting dogs, Kishu dogs exhibit a calm demeanor but possess an underlying fierceness, making them formidable guardians.


The Shikoku dog, known for its rugged appearance and unwavering spirit, is native to the Shikoku mountain range. Revered for its agility and keen instincts, the Shikoku dog embodies the essence of a true hunter, excelling in various tasks with grace and determination.


Source: Irasutoya
Source: Irasutoya

more tech for dog certificates

As guardians of these esteemed breeds, it is our duty to uphold their legacy and protect them from fraudulent practices. Through innovative solutions like blockchain-based certification, we can ensure the authenticity of Japanese dog breeds and secure their place in history for generations to come. With blockchain technology, we can forge a future where the lineage of Akita dogs and other Japanese breeds remains untainted, allowing owners to proudly declare the authenticity of their beloved companions.


As an enthusiast of Japanese dog breeds, we believe that blockchain certification holds immense potential for the entire canine community. Once successfully implemented for Akita dogs, similar systems could be adopted for breeds like the Shiba Inu, Kishu and Shikoku, offering buyers peace of mind and ensuring the continued preservation of these cherished breeds.


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did you know...? akita dog number plate

Interestingly, Akita Prefecture has seen a surge in interest in its unique license plates adorned with the image of Akita dogs. While the number of issued plates is on the rise, the broader focus remains on ensuring the authenticity of Akita dogs through reliable pedigree documentation.

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