Free pants to the people!

free underpants in japan
Free underpants in Japan

Free underpants for anybody?


A Shinjuku based iPhone repair company got a unique idea for a new ad when looking for a place to promote their own service.


Surprised by the expensive ad fee, they created their own advertisement model "Advertisements on underpants" and named it フリパン (Free pants).

The company researched the effectiveness of ads on underpants and found that people see their underpants average 8 times a day - sometimes even more.


While putting on/taking off/hanging/folding etc. the user supposedly sees her/his pants. This is more effective than just a direct mail which people often delete even without looking.


Those who want the free pants, need to become a member by putting personal information such as age, hobby, type of mobile phone etc. Based on the input data in the member registration, this company gives underpants away to it's members with ads matching their preferences. The members can receive up to 7 pants a month free of charge.


So if you are in Japan and have no money for new underwear - don't miss your chance! 


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