Cake and Doughnut Shaped Soaps

sweets soaper, realistic cake shape soap, ice cream shaped soap
Source: Maichini News
sweets soaper, cake shaped soap
Source: Sweets Soaper

Click here to get it! Sweets Soaper Cake looking SOAP. Not EDIBLE!!
Price: 972JPY (incl. tax and excl. shipping)

Source: from the official website. Seems selling well and sold out at many shops.

Cake and Doughnut Shaped Soaps


At Design Festa and handcraft shops we see many fake cake and sweets. Some of them are really well made and almost look like real.


We recently came across one company called Palseylle in Fukuoka.


This company makes and sells soaps in the forms of cakes under the brand name " Sweets Soaper ", doughnut etc. All look so real, do you think? The online shop is here.


The company's official site says it was only a hobby to make some natural soaps and gave them to friends first. Later people started to ask the company to sell. ( Well, it is the story almost all cosmetic related companies tell us! )


Unlike just ornament/decoration types of sweet shaped items, these are something you can really use.


Note: These shops above are just examples we happen to find online in Japan. The price and terms are all as of the time of the article, all subject to changes from time to time including the availability of the goods. We do not support any of these. Onegai Kaeru shall not take any responsibility regarding any issue with these shops.

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