Keep your drink hot this Winter!


Day by day it gets colder in Japan. Did you survive the weather change without catching a cold yet?

I love eating ice cream in kotatsu - a table with a heater - and have a hot drink in Winter.

You make a hot tea but later it gets cold under the law of physics, right?
But there is a way to fight against this law!

Today I would like to introduce a cool machine (well, to be correct: a
hot machine).

It is called "Cupwarmer" and this device has a heating pad on which you
place your mug to keep it hot all the time - powered by your PC.

It also includes a display showing the time, calender and the temperature of the machine.

The price is only 1980JPY.
From today it is on sale! Let's brace for the cold days. Brrrrrrrr.


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