Totoro Sake cap and Glass on sale!

totoro item cup
Click here to go to the official site Source: Ghibli / Chikyuya
totoro chopstick rest
Source: Ghibli/Chikyuya
edokiriko totoro
Source: Ghibli/Chikyuya

One of Hayao Miyazaki's biggest hits, My neighbor Totoro, has many merchandises. Among them, I like the combination with the traditional Japanese arts from one shop called Chikyuya where you can find so many Ghibli goods in forms of Japanese tradition.


Totoro has become Kutani ware sake caps! Kutani ware is a Japanese porcelain from the south of Ishikawa prefecture (e.g. Kanazawa).


This is another Totoro-Japanese traditional art series after Edo cut glass.


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