Eating Bubble from the Toilet Basin?

eating bubble from toilet snack
Source: Heart Ltd.
how to eat to bubble in the toilet basin
Source: Heart Ltd.

Eating Bubble from the Toilet Basin?


Who wants to eat foods in the toilet basin?


In case some people dreamed of it and this will be the dream-come-true.


This sweet called Mokomoko Mokolet (もこもこ モコレット) from the company, Heart Ltd.


Put the bubble powers (cola or soda taste) into this little cute toilet water tank with some water. Then the bubble will come out in the toilet basin. The instruction says you suck it with straw.


Chocolate taste is not yet to come to the market.


Warning: Please tell your kids this is not a real toilet and not to eat anything from the real toilet!


Price: 263JPY/available at supermarket etc. in Japan


FYI. Heart Ltd. also have normal sweets of Pretty Cure, Star Wars Mints, Crayon Shinchan as well as unique ones like these toilet sweets and night glowing chewing gums.


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