New Rental Office with CATS in Tokyo!!
cat office in Japan
Go to the official page Source: Koishikawa, Inc/ Takarajima

In Tokyo several friends of team Kaeru are running their shared rental office space/co-working place business.


This is great for those who need their business addresses but currently with not enough business size to rent the one office.

We are surprised to see the new type of office business today. 

This is called NecoWorking. The name came from the combination of Neko=cats in Japanese, and co-working.  If you are the big cat fan, you want a working environment with cats. Since you can not work on the famous Cat islands, you better find another place.

In NecoWorking office operated by a compay Koishikawa, Inc., you can share the place for example from 19,800 JPY per month where you can use the place from 10:00AM-22:00 Monday-Saturday. 

The facility includes normal office equipment such as print machine, shredder, wireless LAN, beamer, library etc. and two cats. The official website says No cats, no creativity.


Obviously you can touch them like cats cafe when you need to get a relaxation or in this case a flash of new business idea.

If cats can help you be creative, why not frog. Team Kaeru may try to open a frog cafe or frog rental office too!!


Do you think this office concept works?


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Price: 1,999JPY ( incl. tax) shipping cost shall be added

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