Naruto and Ghibli foods in real?

clipdish how to cook food in animation
Clipdish Source: ZAPPALLAS

I love watching the foods in animation.


For example, in Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Pazu and Dola and pirates eat foods a lot like many other movies by Hayao Miyazaki. The foods look so yummy and the way the characters eat foods are just amazing.


Imagine we can dive into the animation world and eat these delicious food with the characters.


It is not a dream any more.


At least a half way, a new recipe series of the recipe online portal called Clipdish operated by ZAPPALLAS, INC. can show you how to cook the foods appeared in famous animations like Naruto, Lupin the III, My neighbor Totoro etc.


This smartphone App(iOS/Android) is free to download with 6 recipes already included.


To get new recipe costs 85-99JPY.


Do you have any food from a particular animation you want to try??



how to cook foods in manga, cartoon
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